8 Vegan Gifts for Her That Are Affordable & Thoughtful

Wondering what is the best vegan gift to get one of your special vegan friends or family but have no clue where to start? Well, you are in luck because we are going to highlight some of the perfect vegan gifts you can buy for them. Whatever the occasion, be it a Christmas or a birthday party, there are a wide variety of gifts to choose from. Even if they are foodies, fashionistas, sports enthusiasts or travellers, there is something for each one them.

There is nothing as unfortunate as accidentally giving your vegan friend or family a present that has animal products. That’s what we call an epic ‘gift fail.’ To avoid this, do your research on products to establish which ones are vegan-approved, or ask your loved one to for a list of things they would like to receive as presents. Your vegan gift shopping experience will definitely get a whole lot easier.

Here are the eight best vegan gifts for her that you can buy on a budget:

1. Vegan Cookbook

How about you get her one of the best-selling cookbooks available? These cookbooks have approximately 100 exciting plant-based recipes that have been tried, tested and proven to be absolutely delicious. Some of the vegan meals featured in these books include creamy dips and sides, one-pot curries and stews, brunches and cakes, just to name a few. Highly skilled chefs continue to invent even tastier vegan creations; so, you can be sure the recipes will only get better.

Among the vegan recipes books to choose from is the Oh She Glows Cookbook by Angela Liddon, and the famous Vegan with a Vengeance by Isa Chandra Moskowitz, and Vegan Richa’s Indian Kitchen by Richa Hingle.

2. Vegetable Spiralizer

This is one of the most essential kitchen appliances you should have, especially if you are a vegan looking for a healthier option. It comes in multiple blades that allow you to cut up your vegetables in different shapes and ribbons while impacting on their texture and adding a bit of flavour to your dish.

Using the vegetable spiralizer, you can turn almost anything into noodles. To top it off, you get to showcase your own creativity and play around with the shapes as much as you like!

3. Vegan Online Cooking Classes

You have to be 100% certain that the person you intend to surprise with this gift loves cooking. They also need to be people who want to experiment with different ingredients and all kinds of vegan recipes. In addition to learning how to prepare plant-based meals, they may also learn other skills such as food presentation and how best to organize their pantry.

For starters, you can sign them up for a 1-month training course, then leave them to decide if they want to extend the training period.

4. Soy Candles

You don’t have to bust your budget to decorate your home with the trendiest interiors. You can have the same aesthetic effect with simple eco-friendly soy candles made from recycled glass. Unlike other candles that contain beeswax, these sweet-smelling candles are manufactured using 100% natural soy wax. Besides, they feature different sizes; so, you can mix them up depending on your preference.

5. Vegan Shoes

Vegan shoes refer to any footwear that is free of animal products such as leather, fur, wool and silk. Usually, they are made from fine synthetic materials such as faux suede. Resin is used instead of traditional leather soles.

The fashionable vegan shoes come in a variety of styles and colours; so, you are assured of finding the perfect pair for formal and informal events, or for your everyday wear. These range from sneakers, slides, dressy sandals, heels wedges and boots. The list is endless!

6. Vegan Clothing

These gifts are appropriate for any season. For example, for the winter season, you could get warm coats and gloves from brands such as Vaute Couture that are free of animal products. During summer, themed vegan T-shirts are great for the outdoors. They are quite popular among vegans.

While the messages can be as diverse, humorous, informative or compassionate as possible, e.g. ‘go vegan’ or ‘eating animals is weird,’ there are as many different designs to choose from.

7. Jewelry Case Made of Vegan Leather

At some point in their lives, ladies have been late for a significant event or dinner party simply because they could not find a particular pair of accessories. High chance is, they probably had to change their outfit and work with the accessories they did have.

If at all that special someone is a fashionista who is also big on style and accessorizing, a vegan leather jewelry case could really come in handy. A Matt and Nat cross body handbag or wallet would also be a great accompaniment.

8. High-Speed Blender

If you are looking for meaningful vegan gifts for her with a bigger budget, you should add an excellent blender to your vegan gift shopping list. This is an especially thoughtful gift if the intended recipient is a foodie.

Get a durable blender with a heavy-duty glass jug and the ability to perfectly blend smoothies and crush ice. Vitamix 5200, the world’s best vegan blender, maybe a bit expensive if you are working on a low budget. However, if resources allow, this is one of the best vegan gifts for her.

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