6 Shopping Guidelines Before Buying an AC

If you do enough research on the prices of air conditioners, you will realize that they have specific seasons when the demand and prices go up and those when they go down. In India, for example, the prices start falling at around August going on-wards making that the best time to get an air conditioner for yourself.

The problem now comes in when you need to choose from the wide variety of ACs available. How will you know the best AC to buy for your home as each AC comes with different specifications and for different uses?

You need to consider a lot of factors like the size of the room that you want the AC to cool, your budget, warranty, etc. Below is a guide that should help you get the best AC for your home and cater for your needs.

  1. Warranty:

You must ensure that the AC you are about to purchase has a warranty. With a warranty, you can return the product to the buyer and even owner if you happen to find any issue with the AC. You need to ensure that you stay within the warranty regulations to not make it void. You also need to keep in mind that most AC warranties only work if an HVAC-system contractor is the person who installs the AC into your home. Your warranty may not be honored if you do the installation by yourself.

  1. Budget:

Most of the time, you find that people go for the least expensive AC system available, but what they forget to realize is that the pricier AC systems are the ones that guarantee higher and better efficiencies. This, in turn, makes them less expensive and difficult to operate and handle. You can save more cash in the long run when you go for the pricier AC system.

  1. Location:

If you intend to install the AC outside, then you need to ensure that there is no debris around. Outside equipment needs to be checked regularly and serviced in case there is an obstacle that might have gotten stuck in the AC and is restricting the airflow. You also need to ensure that there are no furniture or any other obstacle placed on the vents that direct the cool air into your home.

  1. Noise:

You need to test the air conditioner that you are about to buy. You will realize that different air conditioners have different noises. You may end up with very loud air conditioners which can be annoying sometimes especially when you want to have some quiet time in your home. You will also notice that the more expensive AC systems run more smoothly compared to the cheaper ones.

  1. Energy efficiency:

You can check the energy efficiency of an AC system by checking the SEER ratings on them. The units that have higher ratings are usually more efficient.

  1. Installation and maintenance:

Having your AC system installed by a professional will guarantee your warranty and also ensure that you have a problem-free service system. After the installation process is complete, you need to make arrangements to maintain the AC system regularly.

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