6 Shopping Criteria for a New Bicycle

Bike Commuter in Portland Oregon

The process of buying a new bicycle can be very hectic, especially if you have no idea the kind of city bikes you feel will best suit your needs. This article will help guide you through the whole process and make it easier for you.

First, you need to know which bike type will make more sense for you to buy. There are mountain, hybrid, city/commuter, and even road bikes. After doing this, you need to consider what your cycling goals like what types of terrain you will mostly be riding on, the distance that you will be covering with the bike as well as what you wish to accomplish.

Overall, the type of bike you plan to purchase depends greatly on the terrain, distance, and how hard you plan to ride the bike. Here are a few tippers you may want to consider before you set out to get a new bicycle.

  1. Prioritize fit

The first thing you need to look into before you rush in to buy a new bike is to check if it fits you. All this will be pointless if you buy a bike that is either too small or too large for you. You can get assistance from the sales agent to guide you through the best bike sizes that will fit you and your needs. This way, you can then make adjustments on the right bike for you to fit you.

  1. Test many different models

You should take bike shopping the same way as going house hunting or looking for a new car to buy. Rarely, should you be tempted to purchase the first model that your eyes set on. Test waters, you may like to try a different type of bike from the one you’ve always had if you had one. When you’ve spent all those years with your now old and rusty bike, nearly any other bike will feel amazing.

  1. Narrow your search

You need to narrow your search and focus on a few different models as possible, possibly three if possible. This way, you will have a less conflicted mind about which model to choose from the dozens of different models. Try out the models you have chosen to see if they will work for you.

  1. Dress the part

The best way you will be able to realize the best bike that will suit you is if you dress in the same clothes and shoes as if you were going on an actual ride. You need to know that a bicycle can fit you one way when you are in cycling shorts, another way if you’re in jeans.

  1. Carry your old bike

You can always go with your old bike to the bike shop and explain to the salesperson all the adjustments you would want on the new bike that will suit you while making comparisons with your old bike. This way, the salesperson will know exactly the right bike for you.

  1. Seek personal service

The best thing you can do is to visit a brick-and-mortar store if you’re looking to purchase a new bicycle. There are a couple of advantages that this comes with like getting free adjustments, so your bike suits you perfectly. You can also get lucky and get a few discounts on your purchase and even have a few accessories added to the purchase as well.

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