What Makes a Good Real Estate Agent?

Real estate is one of the most competitive fields out there. The job of a real estate agent is demanding and high-pressure. Real estate agents need to work with various people and, as such, certain personality traits you should possess if you consider this a career.

Starting a real estate agent career is exciting, and there are plenty of reasons to consider it. Still, building an influential real estate career is hard work and takes determination and resilience. The best and most successful real estate agents know that the job is more than houses; it’s about people and relationships. If you possess the right personality traits, it can be a fulfilling and financially rewarding career path.

Here is what makes a good real estate agent:


As a real estate agent, you’ll be your boss. Even if you work under the umbrella of a broker, you’re most often an independent contractor. Being an independent contractor means owning and operating your own small business. Self-motivation is an essential quality to have. When you are a business owner, there is no one else to make you work. It’s entirely up to you.

Many administrative tasks come with the job, such as completing documentation, organizing appointments, and marketing yourself. Effective time management, multitasking, and prioritizing are all skills that require self-motivation. The more motivated you are, the likelier you will secure your next real estate prospect.


To be successful in a long-term real estate career being committed to your development and self-improvement is vital. Real estate is an industry of change, and you must be willing to learn new things to stay relevant.

Seeking out new information, learning new skills, and engaging with industry experts will keep you ahead of the game.

Problem Solver

Realtors must be skilled problem solvers. As an agent, you will consistently face different barriers as you attempt to complete transactions within strict time frames. You’ll need to make sure deals don’t fall apart and navigate the complex world of real estate laws, for example. These tasks will be difficult to accomplish if you do not possess competent problem-solving skills.

Fortunately, you can train your problem solving skills through real estate agent coaching programs. They offer valuable lessons on how to navigate issues faced by real estate agents.


Because real estate is a people-oriented career, being charismatic is a significant asset. When you possess charisma, people naturally want to be around you. You make people feel comfortable, you are friendly, and most importantly, you are skilled at building relationships.

You don’t necessarily need to be an extrovert to do well as an agent but being personable is a required personality trait. Connecting with your clients will arguably be the most crucial part of the job.

Attention to Detail

To be a successful real estate agent, you need a sharp eye for detail. You might review the fine print in contracts, generate comparable properties, or look for the perfect houses to show to your clients. No matter the task, you’ve got to be able to pay attention to the myriad of details that make up the big picture.

Filling out and submitting paperwork, organizing appointments and showings, researching the market and many other tasks require a keen eye. Noticing those details is how you avoid making costly errors or spot red flags while taking a client on a home tour.


Integrity and honesty are important traits for real estate agents. You must be a person who holds yourself to a high standard. You work with people’s most significant assets and life savings in this career. If you are not a person of principle and committed to always doing the right thing, this career may not be for you.

Communication Skills

Whether you are fielding questions from clients, talking with other agents or networking with other professionals, you will do a lot of talking as a real estate agent. Your communication skills are of utmost importance because of this. There is good news: effective communication skills can be taught and practiced. Here are several suggestions on how to be an effective communicator.

Make eye contact when you are talking to someone. Always be observant of body language and facial expressions. And finally, be an active listener. Ask questions to engage the other person in the conversation and ensure that you’re on the same page.

Negotiation Skills

A big part of the job as a real estate agent is negotiation which will require first-rate skills. Negotiation skills will always be crucial in real estate because you’ll constantly have to haggle over listing prices, selling prices, and your commission. Learning the art of negotiation is essential if you plan to be an agent.

Real estate agents need to be able to negotiate with integrity. They should always strive for both parties in a transaction to get the best deal they can. Another important aspect of negotiation skills is knowing when it may be in your client’s best interest to drop a contract and find something else.

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