How to Tell If Someone Vapes or Not

Vaping has taken the world by storm. While once used as a way to transition off cigarettes, it has become a mainstream activity for young and old.

Some people are regular vapers and experiment wildly with their device. Others are casual vapers, occasionally using their disposable vapes here and there. Regardless, vaping is nothing to be ashamed of. It can be a lifesaver for someone wanting to quit smoking or a way to help a person who has anxiety. Tread gently if you are concerned about someone’s vape usage and let them know it’s ok. Knowing about it is much better than hiding it.

Do you know anyone who vapes? Are you sure? You don’t see them with a vaping device or hiding behind huge clouds. Nonetheless, there are tell-tale signs for how to tell if someone vapes.

Here are nine ways on how to tell if someone vapes or not:

Vaping Sign #1: Sweet Aromas

Our nose pick-up smells good, and everyone can tell if you are wearing cologne or perfume. It is also a sense that can detect vape juice. While tobacco smells burnt and is toxic, the scent of candy or fruit is a giveaway.

Vape juices come in so many flavours, and the most popular are the fragrant ones that mimic the taste of confections and desserts, as well as fruity drinks and even chocolate bars. Eating these treats doesn’t give off a smell, but when it is expelled in vapour, it’s all around you, and people can tell you have recently vaped.

Vaping Sign #2: Smokers Cough

A regular vaper can develop a nagging cough because of a dry mouth from vaping. Nanoparticles in the vapour can be inflammatory to the lungs and upset the immune system, leading to potential bacterial infections and even pneumonia, mostly though it is a deep cough or constant throat clearing that indicates someone who vapes.

Vaping Sign #3: Vaper’s Tongue

The dry mouth from vaping also causes a condition known as vapers tongue. This is where you temporarily lose taste sensation, especially in your vape juices. The propylene glycol in e-juices drys your mouth, making it hard to taste food.

To get rid of it, a person will lay off the vaping for a few days to recover, but you may notice that they look for spicier foods or extra salt on their meals to compensate for it.

Vaping Sign #4: Increased Thirst

We all should try to drink more water, up to half our body weight in ounces, but if you notice that a friend or family member is thirsty all the time, they likely vape. The hydroscopic effects of vaping will mean you have to drink more liquids and urinate more frequently.

Vaping Sign #5: Skin Conditions

A person who vapes may have difficulty with skin blemishes like irritated skin, pimples and rashes that are slow to heal. Dark circles can also appear under the eyes from dehydration. In some cases, you can even get temporary sores in your mouth.

Vaping Sign #6: Nose Bleeds

Another potential tells if someone is having more frequent nose bleeds. Most people will only bleed from the nose if they get hit with a bad cold with lots of excessive blowing.

With vaping, you usually exhale through your nose and dries the nostrils, leading to nose bleeds. If you know a person where nose bleeds are common, they are probably vaping.

Vaping Sign #7: Reduced Caffeine Intake

A common side effect of vaping can be caffeine sensitivity, and you may see a noticeable decrease in someone’s coffee drinking. E-cigarettes can contain high levels of caffeine, which is burnout from stimulants. If your child or friend isn’t a coffee drinker, you may notice that they drink fewer energy drinks instead.

Vaping Sign #8: Different Vaping Paraphernalia

You may or may not know the different parts and accessories of a vaping device, but you might notice unfamiliar pens and different-looking USB drives around. Other items you may see are:

  • Batteries
  • Pods
  • E-juice bottles
  • Cotton balls
  • Little metal coils
  • Chargers

These are the things a regular vaper uses, so if they are not discarded, you will probably come across them.

Vaping Sign #9: Irritability & Restlessness

While vaping is a better alternative to smoking, you can get withdrawals if you go too long between uses. People may become irritable or easily frustrated if they stop regular use or have a longer gap. This is especially true with nicotine vaping. The nicotine in some e-juices can also contribute to sleep issues like insomnia or restlessness, and people could be sleeping in later and not feeling rested after a night’s sleep.

In some more extreme cases, a person who vapes may have nausea, vomiting, weight loss, and even seizures. They may even partake in riskier behaviour or make unsound decisions because of how vapour may affect the brain.

Most vape people will have some of these issues, which is part of ingesting vapour. Whether you are a concerned parent or a curious friend, use these signs to tell if someone is vaping. If you are a user, know that it is hard to hide or mask it, and the people close to you probably already know.

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