How to Design Luxury Custom Packaging Boxes

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as the adage goes. Whenever the human eye is locked onto something they find appealing, it evokes many positive emotions. The same sentiment can be applied to products you want to purchase in a store or internet. Many may not realize that the packaging of the said product also plays a key role here.

Whether you are e-shopping or looking for something in a store, a box can make or break your attraction to a product. The boxes that do work are generally custom-made while evoking a classy appeal overall. If you are in the market for designing your luxury custom packaging for boxes, there are certain best practices to follow.

Here are the best tips on how to design luxury custom packaging boxes:

Custom Box Material

A box can only go so far in its utility. You fold it into its requisite shape, pack your product inside with padding, close it up and ship it off. Using boxes in your business can be easy, but it can also be monotonous. Why not, then, step it up a bit by using better quality boxes?

A human being’s sense of touch can be used effectively to separate the good from the great. When someone touches a good quality box, they will notice that it is much more luxurious by design. Moreover, this could lead to more sales, which is the end goal anyway!

Luxury Box Presentation

While there are many ways to design a box, you want to ensure you go about it in the best way possible. To evoke a sense of luxury, you will have to follow some creative pursuits. For example, do not just go with large fonts that seem out of place. The same goes for using various colours that don’t fit the overall design you are gunning for.

A great way to think about the presentation is using the less is more rule. Luxury products have an appeal that presents a lot more, only by doing the bare minimum. You do not have to overburden the overall packaging with every detail possible. Use only what is necessary, and you will be good to go.

Custom Tape

A few components can be rudimentary when you look at the packaging itself. The tape, for instance, that is used to secure the overall box can be retrofitted for the better. Custom tape is quickly gaining steam to show appreciation for the customer.

These types of tape can have different words or phrases printed onto them for a creative effect. The transparent nature of these phrases can blend in well with the overall design you are going for. As with previous design elements, try not to use too much in terms of quantity!

Luxury Box Inserts

Another great way to add extra security to your custom box is to use an insert. Inserts are a type of padding that improves the overall stability of your packaging. Plus, they also serve to better the overall look and appearance of the used box. Since they are made from a sturdy material, it may be wise to use one.

Moreover, they are cost-effective in reinforcing security while remaining lightweight. Since you want to keep your box as light as possible, it will go a long way in protecting the inner contents. The best ones are made from corrugated cardboard, which can be used for custom printing!

Custom Box Size

You would be surprised to discover that the size of a custom box impacts its appeal. Many expert designers note that the larger the box is, the more challenging it becomes to keep its classy appeal. Your custom box should be moderate to a small size if you can.

This will allow it to maintain a sense of luxuriousness, for whatever your goals are. In addition, make sure to choose a box that can comfortably fit the entire product inside. Forcing a product inside detracts from the luxurious appearance you are trying to create. If the box is too small, upgrade it to a slightly larger one.

Experimental Packaging

Luxuriousness is a quality that often can be seen as subjective. While many examples can be seen as classy, it is up to you to experiment accordingly. Design a couple of boxes, and use them as prototypes for your customer demographic. Then, use the one that has received the most positive feedback. You will be able to get to a final design soon enough!

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