How to Arrange Furniture in a Small Bedroom

A small bedroom can be challenging, especially when you are just moving in and wondering how you will manage to arrange your furniture.

First, if you own a king-sized or queen-sized bed, getting a smaller one could be a good idea, so your bed will not fill up your entire bedroom.

However, getting small furniture is not recommended, as it might make the space look even more cramped. Instead, opt for full-sized furniture but only focus on essential pieces.

These tips will show you how to arrange furniture in a small bedroom.

1. Think about how you will use the space in your small bedroom

Do you only use your bedroom to relax and to sleep? Do you also need to use it as a home office? Will you be reading in your bedroom or watching TV?

Before you start planning how to arrange your furniture, you must consider how you will use the space. You want your small bedroom to be functional and meet your needs.

2. Decide which wall is the most practical to place your headboard

The headboard of your bed should ideally be placed against a wall. But which wall? It depends.

Make sure your bed doesn’t prevent you from closing your bedroom door or accessing your closet. Decide whether it’s important to place your bed under your ceiling fan and if you need electrical outlets on both sides.

Avoid placing the headboard in front of a window unless you don’t mind blocking the view and losing some natural light.

3. Center your bed and focus on symmetry

Centring your headboard along a wall has different advantages. It makes it easier for you to make your bed and get in and out of bed if you don’t wake up at the same time as your partner.

But centring your bed and arranging your furniture in a symmetrical layout will make your small bedroom look more spacious.

4. You could also place your bed in a corner

You may live alone or your bedroom is too small to allow you to center your bed while accessing both sides. If so, you could push it against a wall and into a corner. This would allow you to save some floor space, but it might not be the most convenient option if you share your bedroom with a partner.

A sleeper sofa is one of the best ways to arrange furniture in a small furniture. You can easily fit sleeper sofas for small spaces, tucking them in the corner of the bedroom. When you aren’t sleeping, you can convert the furniture into a sofa for comfortable seating.

5. Use shelves instead of bedside tables

Bedside tables are convenient, but they do take up some floor space. In a small bedroom, that can become an issue.

A simple solution is to replace your bedside tables with shelves. You could mount an overhead shelf above your bed or one small shelf on each side of the bed.

Another alternative would be to install wall-mounted sconces and to keep the items you would usually place on your bedside table in a small basket you can tuck under your bed.

6. Get a bed with built-in storage

Since you should limit the furniture you put in your small bedroom, it might be difficult for you to store all your stuff properly.

Since your bed is already taking up much floor space in the room, consider getting a platform bed with built-in storage or adding built-in storage to your current bed.

You could also simply tuck some storage baskets or bins under your bed.

7. Make the most of your desk

If you need a desk in your small bedroom, you could make the most of it by placing it near your bed and using it as a bedside table.

A desk with shelves or drawers could be a convenient storage solution. But if you don’t need your desk daily, you could get a folding desk to save some floor space.

8. Mount a few things to the walls

When saving floor space is a priority, think about mounting a few things to the walls of your small bedroom. For example, shelves are convenient for storing items and decorating the room.

Mounting your TV to a wall means you don’t need to put it on a piece of furniture. Same thing for wall-mounted light fixtures.

You can hang some artwork on your walls to decorate your bedroom, but if you want to make it appear more spacious than it is, think about hanging a large mirror.

9. Place a small armchair in a corner

Finally, if you want a chair in your small bedroom, consider placing it in a corner. A small armchair allows you to get cozy with a book or laptop without too much floor space.

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