4 Times When You Need to Provide Your VIN Number

Your vehicle identification number is a 17 digit number that you can find on a little plate on the driver’s side dashboard of your car. When someone does a VIN decode, they will get a great deal of information about the car. Here are four situations where you will have to provide your VIN number:

1. When Asking for Insurance Quotes

Whether you call the insurance company on the phone, or you request an online quote, you will have to provide the insurance company with your VIN number so that they can run a check on it. They’ll need to know the make and model of the vehicle as well as the type of engine it has because that information will play a role in determining your quote. For example, you will have to pay more for insurance for a vehicle that is considered a sports car than you will have to pay for one that is not.

2. When Selling Your Car

You may have to give a prospective buyer your VIN number when you are trying to sell that person your car. That person may want to conduct a thorough search when he or she is buying a used car. The buyer can find out a heap of information like the number of people beside you who have owned the car. The information that the individual finds could play a role in the amount of money he or she pays or offers to pay you for your vehicle. It’s always honorable to provide a person with the information that he or she requests you to provide. Allow the person to do a car history search so that there will be no secrets, and the transaction can go smoothly.

3. When Ordering Parts

Another time when you may have to provide your VIN number or at least part of it is when you are ordering car parts. Some car parts will fit any car that is the same year, make and model of yours. Other cars have parts that vary just enough for you to have a problem if you try to use them. You may just have to provide the parts store or the seller with the eighth digit or letter to get into the specifics.

4. When Reporting an Accident

You may have to provide your VIN number when you contact your insurance company about an accident. You may run into a situation where the police ask you for your VIN number, as well. They may need to check VIN number and put it in their system. You should always be prepared to cooperate so that someone can handle the situation as quickly as possible.

Those are just a few situations that you will need to furnish your VIN number. The best place to get your VIN is off of the car itself, but you can get it from the title, registration or insurance policy if you don’t have access to the vehicle right at the moment.

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