Do You Have Any of These Door Locks and Knobs?

Most Canadians make the safety of their homes, their top priority, and it only seems right to do so when you sleep and live in these homes every other night. Investing in top quality locksmith services from Lock-up Services Inc. becomes a must have affair. This article has, thus, compiled a list of doorknobs and lock types that can help make your house a safer place.

  1. Passage Lockset

This is an interior lockset that is used in the home hallways or even closets in between rooms where privacy is not that much important. It has two knobs that don’t lock, and some models even use levers in place of knobs. It is available in a variety of finishes and styles.

  1. Privacy lockset

This is also an interior lockset that is designed more for privacy than for security. It has a locking button on its inside knob and only a key device on the other side of the door. Even levers can be used in place of the knobs. These locks can, however, sometimes, be open from outside the doors by using a narrow object to depress or turn the locking mechanism inside; it depends on the lock type you have. It is also available in all styles and finishes.

  1. Dummy knob

Dummy knobs are used only for decorations and other applications that don’t need a latch. These knows don’t have latching mechanisms and don’t turn. They are available widely and come in a variety of finishes and styles.

  1. Entry lockset

This set comes with two knobs that are lockable from both inside and outside. There is a small button that opens when turned or depressed from the inside while you need a key to open it from outside. Others have to be locked and unlocked using a key on both ends while other models are designed that they can only be opened or locked from the inside. One of their quality features is the deadlatch.

  1. Deadbolt lock

This lock is used for maximum security. It is operated manually using a thumb turn from inside or a key from outside. The bolt is meant to lock the door to the frame to prevent forced entry. All locks are designed only to fit specific baskets and size holes. Some models are designed that they use only keys from both ends of the door.

  1. Surface-mounted deadbolt

These locks are squarish in shape and are mounted on the surface inside of the door. Either a key or a knob can turn these bolts.

  1. Mortise Lock

This lock has a flat and rectangular box that fits in the recess of the door from its edges. It is available in both the left-or right-handed styles. Its latch operates from both sides of the door except when you lock the outside knob. It has a deadbolt that works when the inside knob is turned, and a key can operate both the latchbolt and the deadbolt.

  1. Night latch

These locks are installed on the inside surfaces of doors and have automatic locking features with large spring-loaded latches that automatically lock when the doors are closed.

  1. Keyless entry system

They are mainly used for their convenience and home security. Some locks have both audio and visual indicators to confirm that the lockset is activated and most will even sound an alarm if an incorrect code is used more than three times. They have anti-theft, rolling code features that also ensure that you never use the same code twice.

  1. Handleset

These locks are available in single- and double- cylinder deadbolts and come in different styles. They are available in a variety of finishes and styles.

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