8 Practical Tips for Stopping Gun Violence in Schools

Unfortunately, several terrible things are happening to our younger generations. From having to worry about climate change to mass shootings, every experienced incident can have a terrible impact. The latter is especially worrying when the rise of school shootings, particularly, is put into context.

Many individuals or organizations will have different ways of solving the issue. On the other hand, there may be some strategies that everyone can implement. Some will take time, but time is of the essence when it comes to protecting those in school. Here are what can be done about school shootings in eight different ways.

Strategy #1: Gun Laws

As mentioned, some strategies for combatting the issue may take longer. That is mainly due to what sort of firearm laws are currently in place. There needs to be better legislation passed if schools are to be safeguarded from the threat of guns. If you wonder what you can do as an individual, speak to advocacy groups.

Or, you can contact your local politician and tell them about your thoughts on school shootings. The more people that reach out and try to make a direct impact, the more of a chance better laws are passed. It will not happen overnight, but it is a step in the right direction when protecting kids at school.

Strategy #2: Gun Detection Technology

For those who want to implement the right resources, it may be wise to look at technology. In just months, tech has allowed us to detect the presence of firearms quite easily. If, for example, there is an active shooter nearby, weapon detection technology can be useful. The software will be able to find the approximate location of the active shooter as a start.

Then, having the right authorities in mind will ensure that the shooter is taken down before anything bad occurs. Many cities are beginning to experiment with this technology to combat school shooting incidents. It undoubtedly has practical usage, and it will be able to save lives at that too

Strategy #3: Purchasing Age

In some countries like the United States, you don’t have to be a young adult just to purchase a gun. Some purchasing laws are so lax that many on the cusp of adulthood could buy a gun. It is incumbent on those in charge of amending laws to raise the age of those who want gun access.

It is something that anyone can get behind when it comes to reducing access to guns outright. By extension, it stops those who want to attack a school. Many countries have similar laws, where you must have a good social standing to purchase a gun. It is a model for other nations to follow to mitigate the chances of school shootings occurring.

Strategy #4: Better Background Checks

An extension of the previous point has to do with the status of the gun purchaser. Your background will be cleared first if you want to buy a gun. For example, there should be no blemishes on your criminal record. Or, you should not be deemed a safety risk to the public. These go a long way in ensuring that only the right individuals have access to a firearm.

Strategy #5: Raising Awareness

Fostering the right spaces and environments for gun awareness is crucial for our society. If you are trying to make a difference, join an advocacy group that seeks to raise awareness on safety. Culture plays a big role in reducing the number of mass shootings that occur in public settings.

Strategy #6: School Security

Sometimes, you can only do so much externally before something unfortunate occurs internally. As a result, schools are encouraged to have the right security systems in place. For example, metal detection checkpoints at the most vulnerable entry points will keep things safe. It also helps to have students practice lockdown drills from time to time.

Strategy #7: Emergency Planning

Ensuring classes know how to react to a potentially deadly scenario is important for the long term. If you work at the school, speak to your students about these procedures. It is encouraged to make them feel at ease so that panic does not grow at the wrong moment.

Strategy #8: Continued Education

Above all else, ensuring that remaining aware of the right laws is a constant in your life is crucial. Always keep yourself informed on the best practices related to gun violence to keep yourself safe. The more we do this, the more lives will be saved in the long run!

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