8 Best Spiritual Benefits of Burning Incense

Incense is a Latin-derived term whose original meaning is ‘to burn.’ Burning incense existed thousands of years ago and still reigns in the 21st century. The practice has seen various developments, becoming essential in human life.

The good thing is that most incense resins are three-in-one, containing spiritual benefits alongside aromatherapy and medicinal features. Whichever resin you choose, ensure quality over quantity, and you’ll be happy.

Below are various spiritual benefits of burning incense, suggesting the ideal fragrances.

Spiritual Benefit #1: Raises Your Connection to the Divine

Incense has been burnt in places of worship for years thanks to its ability to bring people closer to their divine worlds. The smoke is believed to act as guidance as one seeks solutions to various life matters. It also signifies that your prayers have travelled upwards to the skies where our God, souls of departed friends and family, and angels live.

Not all incense should be used for spiritual purposes. Some are perfectly suited for the job, while others aren’t. Below is a guide to some of the best incense for spiritual uses.

Myrrh incense

Myrrh has been used in spiritual gatherings since the birth of Jesus Christ. Modern myrrh can be found in worship places and homes.

Dragon’s blood incense

The Draconic palm or dragon’s tree-obtained resin is believed to improve one’s confidence, especially during trying times.

Copal incense

When burnt, copal activates the happy hormone (endorphin) in cases of pain or stress, leading to a balanced lifestyle.


Frankincense is another spiritual incense resin that has been prevalent since the birth of Jesus Christ.

Spiritual Benefit #2: Cleanses the Spirit, Body, and Mind

Another significant spiritual benefit of burning incense is that it cleanses one’s body, mind, and spirit, driving away all the negative energy and replacing it with positive ones. The practice also helps to align one’s chakras, resulting in a balanced and fruitful life. Experts have recommended using resin for smudging as one recites mantras to cleanse themselves and their surroundings.

Spiritual Benefit #3: Facilitates Manifestation

Manifestation uses beliefs, feelings, or thoughts to bring something into reality. If you want to manifest something or wish your previous manifestations to be fulfilled, you can burn some incense sticks during the session and watch how positive it unfolds.

Even better, accompanying your manifestation sessions at auspicious times such as midnight hours or the full moon has been said to bring plenty of luck.

Spiritual Benefit #4: Aids in Meditation

Meditation is a fundamental part of human life. After a long day at work or frustrating hours of studying for your forthcoming exams, burning some incense sticks has been proven to bring calmness of mind leading to a satisfactory meditation session. You will observe your thoughts and feelings more confidently and peacefully without stress.

Spiritual Benefit #5: Brings Emotional Stability

Nearly everyone has been a victim of mood swings before, which isn’t good for one’s emotional and physical wellness. Emotional stability significantly impacts how you relate with your spiritual world, interact with others, and make decisions.

To prevent such misfortunes, you can burn incense sticks at night or in the morning when you wake up. Your moods will stabilize in the coming days, weeks, and months.

Spiritual Benefit #6: Helps Minimize Negative Feelings

Research shows that burning incense helps reduce anxiety and depression at any time of the day. If you have been feeling disturbed lately, you can choose to light some sticks while at the altar and watch how free your mind becomes.

You need that calmness as you air your grievances to the Greater One. Again, you don’t have to wait until everything feels overwhelming to burn incense. You can do it even with the slightest state of instability and stress.

Spiritual Benefit #7: Prevents Nightmares

Thanks to its ability to drive away negative energy, burning incense can prevent people from experiencing nightmares. It’s believed that the smoke from burning incense can create a wall of protection in dreams, preventing you from nightmares. If you’ve been battling bad dreams lately, just get some incense sticks and burn them towards your sleeping hours.

Spiritual Benefit #8: Minimizes Stress

Going before the altar with a mind full of chaos, thoughts, and instability can be frustrating. When in such a state, burning incense would be a great option to clear yourself from such frustrations and bring yourself a calmer mind, ready to connect to God. For example, frankincense naturally helps to minimize stress.

While burning incense boasts many spiritual benefits over human life, the practice can have adverse effects if not done safely. Some safety tips for burning spiritual incense include lighting the sticks and cones in a well-ventilated room, keeping them away from reach by children and pets (whether lit or unlit), and not leaving the burning incense unattended.

In addition, people with asthma and other respiratory conditions should not burn incense, while pregnant women should consult their doctors before undertaking the practice.

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