8 Best Furniture for Small Spaces in Your House

If you live in a small space, you may feel like you can’t fit furniture into your apartment. Maybe you live in a tiny studio apartment, or maybe you rent out a floor in a tiny home. No matter which space you live in, there are always furniture options for small spaces.

You just need to keep an open mind and opt for some furniture that you’ve never thought of before. From vertical shelving that maximizes wall space, to nesting tables that fit under each other when you’re not using them, there are lots of options out there and we’re here to introduce you to them. Let’s get into it!

Below are the eight best furniture for small spaces:

1. C-Side Table Furniture

C-side tables are the ideal tables for small spaces. The base of these tables are often shaped like a T and can easily slide underneath your sofa or armchair so that you have access to the tabletop. This is great for eating in front of the TV, holding a drink, or somewhere to put your laptop if you have some work to do. Since they are so small, you can easily move them out of the way when you are not using them.

2. Wall Mounted Nightstand Furniture

Is your bedroom too small to put in nightstands? A great way to get around this problem is to install a small piece of wood onto the wall beside your bed. This option doesn’t require floor space and makes use of wall space, which is optimal in a small space.

This way, you get the best of both worlds: a side table to hold all of your stuff while not using much space. Best of all, you can even add a few classy pieces of wholesale home decor to the nightstand.

3. Vertical Shelving Furniture

Vertical shelving is a practical way to house things like books, knickknacks, and plants, but they also relieve space on the floor and utilize your walls. When you live in a small space, you need to find ways to maximize every inch of your space and using your walls is a great way to do this. Vertical shelving is also very pretty and packs tons of style into your space without using too much of it.

4. Bar Cart Furniture

Bar carts are beautiful options for any small space. It provides ample storage for your bar area without taking up too much space. To save money, you can purchase any cart, it doesn’t necessarily need to be a bar cart, but you can style it that way. If you don’t drink alcohol, you can use this type of cart to house other things, like books. One of the great things about a bar cart is that you can move it around if you need the space or get tired of it in one location.

5. Clothing Rack Furniture

Sometimes small spaces don’t come with tons of closet space, so you need to think outside the box. Purchasing a clothing rack to store your clothes on is a great way to solve this small space problem. Your clothing can act as art and provide a décor element to your space while also being functional. Store your best pieces on here and switch them out depending on the season.

6. Nesting Tables Furniture

Have a small space but still want a coffee table? Rather than your traditional table which could be large, bulky, and hard to move, nesting tables provide a flexible yet stylish alternative. The beauty of these tables is that they neatly stack together to give you that extra space you need in a small space when you’re not using them.

When you do need them, you can just take them apart and you have the perfect surface to entertain guests or to hold your favourite snacks while you binge-watch your favourite show. They come in so many different styles these days that you can find nesting tables that suit your style or match the vibe of your apartment.

7. Storage Bench Furniture

Storage benches are the perfect way to store things that you don’t want on display as well as an innovative way to provide additional seating when you have guests over. All you need to do is place two cushions on top and you automatically have a spot for two more people.

You can even house the cushions in the storage bench. This is also a good idea for a small patio space that doesn’t have tons of chairs on it. You can really house anything inside, and the best part is that it doubles as extra seating. It’s really a win-win!

8. Baskets Furniture

Baskets are the perfect storage solution for any space, especially small spaces. You can use baskets to organize and store just about anything. A good trick is to use baskets underneath the bench in your entryway. This gives you the perfect place to store winter accessories like hats, mittens, and scarves. It’s also great if you have kids and need to store all of their little pieces.

We hope these eight pieces of furniture provide you with the solution that you were looking for with your small space. This proves that you can still have stylish furniture, even in a small space.

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