8 Best Flowers That Symbolize Peace and Love

Did you know that different flowers are said to have different meanings? That’s right! Flowers are thoughtful gifts all on their own. But if you learn the language of flowers, you can use it to send a very specific message. If you’d like to create a bouquet with peaceful intent, there are many ideal options.

Here are the eight best flowers that symbolize peace:

1. Violet Flowers

The beautiful violet, with its well-recognized hue, has a long history. As far back as Roman times, people believed the lovely violet symbolized peace and healing. They thought it would help people rest peacefully in the afterlife.

These sweet flowers are a fragrant annual that blooms in the spring. They look delightful and last quite well in a small vase bouquet. They may have reached the peak of their popularity during the Victorian times, but perhaps it’s time for violets to make a comeback.

2. Lavender Flowers

Lavender is an herb with a blossom that comes in different cool colours ranging from whites and pinks to blues and purples. No wonder they are considered a symbol of peace; inhale the heady scent of their blossoms, and you’ll feel calmer and more serene.

Lavender flowers have long been associated with romance and are thought to help bring peace and harmony to relationships. As every florist will tell you, lavender looks lovely added to a bouquet of roses and peonies. However, they also work well in a bouquet all on its own.

3. Peace Lily Flowers

It probably comes as no surprise that peace lilies symbolize peace; it’s right in the name! The peace lily is unique in the flower world, having only a single blossom. It resembles a white flag, which may be why it is a beacon of tranquillity.

Consider sending peace lilies as an apology gesture after an argument. With their neutral aesthetic, a lush bouquet of peace lilies will compliment any space they decorate.

4. Cosmo Flowers

The name of this star-shaped flower comes from the Greek word “kosmos,” which translates to “order” in English. Cosmos is an excellent cutting flower that lasts a significant time in a vase.

They are often found in mixed bouquets and come in various colours, including pink, yellow, orange, red and white. Cosmos symbolize peace and harmony and are a lovely addition to any floral arrangement.

5. Peony Flowers

The peony is culturally significant in many places worldwide and a symbol of peace. Peonies have large, lustrous blossoms in shades, both soft and bright. They are treasured as cut flowers and, with proper care, can last upwards of a week in a vase.

With its wonderful aroma, this vibrant blossom is known for its ability to brighten even the cloudiest mood. After all, who would not be thrilled to receive a gorgeous flower arrangement of peonies.

6. White Poppy Flowers

Often seen at Remembrance Day events, the white poppy is a well-known symbol of peace. They are said to represent the victims of war and strife, both military and civilian. Poppies may not be the longest-lasting cut flower available.

However, they still make for a spectacular sight in an arrangement. Their show-stopping shape makes them perfect for incorporating into any floral design. And poppies look incredibly stunning when paired with other spring blooms such as peonies or ranunculus.

7. White Rose Flowers

White roses are associated with more than one meaning: loyalty and purity. They also have a long tradition of being associated with peace and affection. Whether you opt for a single flower or a whole bouquet, the white rose might be the perfect flower to present to a loved one to tell them you are sorry after a disagreement.

Even better, a whole bouquet of gorgeous white roses will let them know you care. White roses are very popular as wedding flowers because they represent new beginnings. Interestingly, they are also commonly found at memorial services as an embodiment of peaceful wishes to the recently departed.

8. Pincushion Flowers

The pincushion flower gets its name from its appearance: a round centre with numerous long stamens that resemble pins or needles stuck into a pincushion. This whimsical middle is surrounded by soft and delicate petals of white, cream, pale purple, pink or shades of red.

These flowers have a sweet, lovely aroma perfect for expressing love and peaceful intention. Their fascinating shape adds visual interest to any mixed bouquet as a filler or as the show’s star.

The symbolism of different flowers comes to us from other world cultures, both present and past. Some blooms are universally known as symbols of peace and harmony, and some are specific to certain areas or periods. It is fascinating to learn that sending flowers can be more than just a simple gift; they can be used to convey a specific message.

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