7 Modern Home Exterior Colours to Inspire You

Painting your home exterior can be as exciting as it is challenging. You can entirely change the look of your home, pick a great colour for the walls, paint the trims differently to create a striking contrast, and even paint your front door in a bold colour if you want to.

Before you start, you have to give it some thought and choose the right colour combination. The best home exterior colours can transform your surroundings, giving it a more modern appearance.

If you like bold colours, consider painting your front door in turquoise blue, bright red, or hot pink. If you eventually grow tired of your eye-catching front door, painting it a different colour will be simpler than repainting your entire home exterior. Choosing one or two of these modern home exterior colours to paint your home is a safer bet than painting your walls in a bold and vibrant colour you will get tired of in a year.

Use these seven modern home exterior colours to inspire you.

1. Beige Colours

When we think of neutral colours, we often think of beige first. Neutral colours are perfect for modern home exteriors, which tend to follow a minimalist approach.

Beige is truly a warm and welcoming colour, and it can instantly make a home appear modern and contemporary, especially when placed in contrast with black or dark grey trims. Beige will also look crisp and classy next to wood or stone walls, so it could be a great colour for your modern home exterior.

2. Brown Colours

Brown evokes feelings of reliability, strength, comfort, and security. Doesn’t that sound like something you would like to come home to every day after work?

This is another warm and inviting neutral colour that suits modern home exteriors. Benjamin Moore outdoor paint in brown colour will instantly make any home appear more cozy and homey.

Any shade of brown should look stunning paired with white trims. Since brown is a natural colour, it could also be paired with a soft shade of green, or perhaps even with a shade of blue.

3. Black Colours

Alright, black is not exactly a colour, even though we often call it a colour. A black paint job evokes mystery, power, and boldness, and it can make any home look contemporary and sophisticated.

Black will look wonderful when opposed to a warm white, but it can create a less dramatic contrast by being paired with pretty much any other paint colour.

If you are not too sure about choosing black for your modern home exterior, you could instead go for a black with some brown undertones, which will feel warmer and cozier.

4. White Colours

A white home exterior will look modern, clean, and fresh, whether you choose white paint on its own or paired with another neutral colour.

Just remember that pure white can look cold, bland, and boring. Fortunately, white can have an endless variety of undertones, so much so that it can be difficult to choose your favourite one.

If you want your modern home to look clean yet still warm and cozy, pick a warm white and pair it with warm brown trims.

5. Grey Colours

A grey home exterior is elegant, sophisticated, unique, bold, and unmistakably modern. But once again, you have many undertones to choose from.

A warm grey will look cozier and inviting. A cool grey will look peaceful. Your grey home exterior could be dark and evoke mystery and power just like black does, or it could be light and feel fresh and clean.

The challenge is finding which shade of grey you like best. Then, you can decide to pair it with white, black, or a neutral colour.

6. Green Colours

If you are looking for something more original than a neutral colour, consider green. Green is a relaxing and refreshing colour associated with nature, trees, moss, and grass.

A pale shade of green such as sage green is soothing. On the other hand, a dark and deep shade of green will convey strength and sophistication while making a bold statement.

Green can be paired with neutral colours, especially those with a warm undertone. Of course, unless you want your home to look like it belongs in a Christmas story, avoid pairing green with brown with strong red undertones.

7. Blue-grey Colours

Blue is probably the most soothing and relaxing of colours. While it might look more suited for a traditional home exterior, grey paint with a deep blue undertone is a stunning choice for modern homes.

Blue-grey home exteriors are trending, so if you want to make the most of this charming colour, you can pair it with either white trims, beige trims, or black trims.

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