6 Decor Tips Used by the Best Interior Painters

Many homeowners prefer to hire professional interior painters to work on their homes should they want to repaint their spaces. There is no secret as to why simply because a professional interior painter will offer professional services. A professional who has many years in interior painting Toronto will pick out the right patterns and colors that best suit your home and also offer you a variety of other options that you can choose from.

No homeowner will be willing to part with hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars, for some basic work that they can do themselves. Which is why professional interior painters do much more than that. Here are some tips that only the interior professional painters use for their works.

1. Removing All The Switchplates On The Wall

Most DIY painters don’t know about this little secret but most, if not all, professional painters employ it. And doing this can show a huge difference between an amateur’s work and that done by a pro. A professional painter knows that it can take a lot more time to paint with these still mounted on them. Even opting to cut in slowly around them will still cost you a lot of precious time. Plus, you will almost certainly paint on them even if you don’t mean to. So, at least try to take them off before you start painting.

2. Covering Up All The Holes And Cracks

Nearly every homeowner has a picture or two and other things like wall clocks on their walls. Other homeowners like a lot of pictures mounted on their walls. And this can be pretty annoying especially if you find yourself being the next tenant in that apartment. Should you choose to repaint the apartment, you are going to need to patch all the holes on the walls first. Not unless you also plan to put your pictures in the exact same spots as the last occupant which is highly unlikely. So, fill all the holes with spackling paste, paintable caulk, painter’s putty, or even patch sticks. After doing this, your paint job will look a lot better and more professional.

3. Sweeping The Room Clean

Household items like furniture and other stuff always get in the way when painting especially if you didn’t take time to remove them before you started working. Simply moving the furniture out of your way every time that you want to paint a wall will not do the trick. As the furniture will just end up getting in your way every other time. Totally removing them from the room you want to paint makes your work go a lot faster and easier too. But if you cannot empty everything, then at least try to move some of the largest pieces like dressers, tables, couches, etc. to the center of the room.

4. Cleaning The Walls

You may never really know just how dirty the nooks and crannies of your rooms may get till you have to clean them before you paint them. It is advisable that you wipe down all of these spots before you start painting. A wet cloth can do the trick for most parts of the room. It is a lot better and saves a lot of time cleaning the room before you start painting than having to stop in between the painting to clean.

5. Protecting The Floor From Paint

You can use basically anything that covers a wider surface area like old blankets, canvas or plastic drop cloths to cover the floor of the room you intend to paint. Accidents can happen even to the pro painters. And that is why it is necessary to cover the floors before starting to paint.

6. Getting All Set

After ensuring that you have followed each of these steps, it is now time to start painting. Starting the painting process may seem hectic especially when you see that you still have a long way before you are done. But after you are finished, you will see the benefits of following all of these simple tips.

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