The Four Major Benefits of a Compromise Assessment

Every business has its own set of security concerns. When it comes to those businesses that have digital assets, it can be particularly beneficial to have a compromise assessment done. It is the step needed to put proper security measures in place.

Companies can experience breaches all the time. But having the proper assessment from experts like Cytelligence means being prepared for situations like that and being caught unaware. If you are wondering whether an assessment is the right move, here are the biggest benefits to be had.

1. Reduce Risk

The number one reason that any company should have an assessment done is to reduce the risk. There is risk for every business and it comes in very different forms. Being able to reduce that risk can mean cutting down on potential attacks.

Having an assessment done means getting a thorough analysis of all the potential risk factors facing your business. It means determining how likely attackers can get to financial assets, intellectual property, or customer data, and what can potentially happen if any of those things are compromised. Before risk can be reduced, it has to be identified and that is what an assessment does.

2. Improve Security

The goal of a compromise assessment is ultimately to improve security across the board. Although that sounds like an easy thing to do, it can be far more complicated without the proper assessment. By identifying the various potential risk factors, it means providing a proper security measure.

Depending on the industry and level of risk involved, that can mean simple proactive measures or something far more complex. Make sure that you have effective security measures in place that will reduce the risk to your organization and keep that important information safe.

3. Minimize Dwell Time

When an attack happens, there is a time from the beginning of the breach until the end of the attack. This is known as the dwell time. The longer the dwell time, the greater the potential for damage to be done or information to be stolen.

An assessment can help to improve response time so that attacks can be minimized. It means learning whether attackers have breached your security measures and how long they go before they are met with countermeasures. Improving this means giving attackers less time to do damage.

4. Saves Money

Although it may be an investment into an assessment and possibly making changes to security measures, it can mean money saved over the long haul. Think about the potential damage that could be done by an attack, especially if it involves financial information.

By making the investment in security changes in the wake of an assessment, it means that your company will be prepared to face its biggest risks. Companies that cheap out and avoid these assessments often wind up costing themselves money in the long-term. Invest now in a change to those measures and you could be saving the business thousands of dollars.

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