10 Factors That Affect Futon Covers Longevity

Ten factors that affect futon covers longevity

The futon cover is very popular among the Japanese people who prefer sleeping on futon mattresses. The futon cover is found in practically every home in Japan and is loved for so many reasons. It is therefore important that futon covers are taken care of to ensure they last longer. Here ten factors that affect the longevity of futon covers.

1. The fabric

Futon covers come in different fabric. They are also made of different material. Some futons are made of cotton and others are made of polyester. Regardless of how good you take care of it, the cotton futon cover generally does not last longer than the one made from polyester.

2. Method of cleaning

Futon covers last longer when they are hand-washed as opposed to dry cleaning them. This is also the case for bed sheets simply because hand washing is more thorough.

3. Its use

Futon covers are used on different things. Some use them to protect their mattresses and duvets while others use them to cover chairs and sofas. The use of the futon cover largely dictates how long it’s going to last.

4. How frequently they are cleaned

It is a good idea to clean your futon covers regularly as this will help them last longer. Always ensure that they are clean and that you fold them well and store them in a neat environment.

5. Quality

Futon covers are not all the same; at least not in quality. Just as they come in different sizes and colors, they do vary in quality as well. You can always tell which ones are better in quality by looking and feeling their fabric. Another indicator would be the price.

6. Pets

It is quite difficult to have a futon cover last long if you have pets around the house. Be it cats or dogs; pets will definitely be a menace in terms of cleanliness as well protection. Pets love to tear into things and your cover will not be an exception.

7. The fitting

It is very important to purchase or order a futon cover that has the exact same measurements as your futon mattress. The covers that do not fit well do not last long. Do not try to force it in.

8. The user

Your characteristics go a long way into determining just how long the cover will last. Some people sweat more than others at night. Some are cleaner. These are the simple factors that determine longevity.

9. Location/ weather

Your location is another important factor. Futon covers are not meant to stay wet for too long. Any fabric continues to get weak when wet. It is therefore not advisable to have a futon cover in areas that rarely get enough sun to dry them.

10. Your household

For your futon covers to last long, regardless of the circumstances, you have to be in a household that is committed to cleanliness and order.





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