How to Ship Internationally from Around the World

Gift-giving is one of the most common ways for us to express gratitude. The experience of shipping a gift can be so lively, that we often take it for granted. If the party in question is not readily nearby you, you will have to rely on shipping internationally to transport your packaged goods.

International shipping can be done from anywhere in the world. It can be used in many respects, like the aforementioned gift-giving, but can also be employed in other numerous ways. Shipping your product overseas is a relatively simple process. If you are new to shipping items, here is a guide on how to ship internationally from anywhere in the world:

1. Get the shipment approved

Checking the status of your shipment is the first step when you want to ship internationally. This means that you have to know whether or not it can actually be internationally shipped. Certain products have tight restrictions imposed, so it is vital that you stay up-to-date on the specific merchandise you plan on sending globally.

When completing customs forms, be sure to include every applicable detail to support your case. Describe it clearly, by including specificities such as its country of origin and its numeric value. The more informed you become with its status, the more you increase your chances of it being successfully shipped internationally without conflict.

2. Determine its international location

The next step is to figure out where exactly you will ship internationally. Depending on the proximity of the intended location, certain rules and regulations may apply. Take a look at North American countries such as Canada, the United States, and Mexico, for example.

Regulations surrounding these neighboring countries, in regards to international shipping, may be more lax. The further you go, in terms of geography, the more regulations you will invariably encounter. Things such as duty rates will apply, so make sure you stay abreast of these global rules.

3. Determine its arrival date

After figuring out where to ship internationally, the next question to answer is when it will arrive. There are companies that offer cheap shipping rates, which are contingent on when you’d like the product to arrive.

Generally speaking, the faster you need it to ship successfully, the more it will likely cost. Keep this in mind before making a concrete decision.

4. Gather more shipping information

Some international distributors require a lot more information, in order to ship internationally without fault. Prior to drafting up your customs documents, ensure you have the required information on hand.

This can include, but is not limited to, areas of the purpose of your shipment to who will be the importer. In addition, you will be asked to state who will be paying for transportation charges, in addition to the previously mentioned duties and taxes. International shipping services are very meticulous; you’ll have to be as well.

5. Prepare customs documents

In regards to the actual customs documents to be filled out, every situation will be unique. The most commonly-used form will be that of a commercial invoice. This provides much of the information that customs will have to know about.

For other international shipping circumstances, other documents will be required. Contact a distributor if you need help!

6. Choosing a shipping service

There are a plethora of international shippers available on the market. Depending on your situation, you may have to find one that is most appropriate for your product in question.

Some services have different rates, depending on where the product or gift is being sent to. Do some research, and call representatives to inquire more, and you will eventually find the best way to ship internationally.

7. Packaging

After the requisite information has been discovered, and you are certain that you will be cleared by customs, packaging is next. Depending on the actual product to be shipped, it is imperative to find the most appropriate packaging, so that it will be shipped in a safe condition.

Different international shipping services will usually have packaging materials readily available at a store location. However, you may be able to find materials such as bubble wrap or Styrofoam at your local department store as well. The latter may be inexpensive too, just it is best to give it a shot before relying on your chosen shipping distributor.

8. Tracking

Once the product has been successfully cleared and is in the air or on a cargo ship, you are encouraged to track it. When you get the confirmation of its clearance, you will usually be given a means of tracking your product. Make sure to periodically check its status, and the product will be at its intended location in no time.

Shipping a product overseas can be challenging, if the required information is not known beforehand. Whether you are a business owner, or simply sending a gift, it is vital to know these rules prior to shipping. Thankfully, these services will help you ship internationally with no problem at all!

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