How to Make a Candle Smell Stronger

The soothing smell of your scented candle wafting through the room, creating an atmosphere filled with tranquillity, is one of the greatest forms of unloading all your stress. The best part? There are hundreds of options of scents, so you can buy your favourite ones, making the ambience even more comfortable and suited.

Natural candles release fragrances, which are also very beneficial for us! The reason behind their ability to calm our nerves is that the scent released is designed to stimulate our limbic systems. When this happens, our brain receives a signal which makes it release dopamine and serotonin. The happy hormones!

Along with increasing our happiness, it helps diminish our feelings of depression. These mood-regulatory hormones are a clear sign to purchase a scented candle and elevate your spirits and health! The warm, red flame that arises from the wick is also calming. It makes your space glow and seems extremely cozy.

One problem that some people face, however, is the problem of the weak scent. When you buy a scented candle, you would rightfully expect it to spread the scent across the space where you keep it. Sometimes, this aspect of the candle fails. But not all hope is lost! There are various ways to strengthen the scent of your candle.

Here are the best ways for how to make a candle smell stronger:

Add more candles.

Other factors come into play when deciphering why your candle isn’t filling the air with its aroma. Could it be the size of your room, the number of candles you have lit, or both? It definitely could be! If you only have one candle lit with the intent for its scent to reach across a large room, it might not be possible or will take a very long time.

Buying more candles for that singular room and lighting them all simultaneously could be a very effective solution. Position them in different corners and spaces so they can reach different ends of the room more quickly and easily. You now have enough candles to scent up a large room and more than enough to scent up a smaller one!

Get a short candle wick.

If the wick of your candle is too long, then this may be a reason for your troubles. When set ablaze, a long wick creates a large flame. The bigger the flame, the faster the candle burns, and the less time the scent is given to evaporate. The scent will not be released enough to produce the desired effect without sufficient time to evaporate.

All you need to do in this case is trim the wick — but not too short! Leaving half an inch of the wick to be lit is just the right amount. Do this to ensure that it is the perfect size to allow the scent enough time to evaporate and spread itself around.

Use essential oils.

Let’s say you buy a lavender-scented candle, but even though you’ve had it lit for a while now, the room still smells as it did before. Instead of chucking out this candle and picking up a new one, you decide to go and buy some lavender-scented essential oil. You then melt all your candle’s wax and drop some of the oil, infusing the scent into it.

After letting the wax harden, you light the candle, and after a while, you find that your room is starting to smell like lavender! This is a great tip, as since you now have the oil, you can choose how much you want to add in, thereby creating the strength of the scent per your preference. You can do this with any other scented candle, too, so long as you find the oil that corresponds with the scent you want!

However, essential oils have also been known to burn out quickly due to their high sensitivity to heat. So while it will produce a stronger smell, the candle may last for a shorter period.

Use coconut oil.

Coconut oil has been put under a different category because of its heightened benefits, separate from those of essential oils.

One disadvantage of using essential oils is that the candle runs out faster due to its increased heat sensitivity. On the other hand, coconut wax produces a beautiful smell while also being slow-burning. The scent created is stronger and extremely relaxing. In addition to all these benefits, they are environmentally friendly!

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