How to Do a Lash Lift Correctly

Do you wish your lashes were fuller and thicker? Many people want to enhance their eyelashes to bring attention to their eyes, and lash treatments are a rapidly growing industry. You can do many things to augment your lashes, from daily mascara to false lashes to extensions, but for an all-natural, semi-permanent procedure to get the fuller length and curl, you can get a lash lift.

Wondering what is involved with it? A lash lift is a perm for your lashes that curls them from the base to the tip using a curling solution and a small curling rod. It involves using lash lift kits, which contains all the supplies needed to complete the procedure.

Here is how to do a lash lift for a first-timer.


A lash lift is best done by a licensed professional trained for the procedure. This way, you get the best result and don’t risk damaging your lashes or eyes.

This first step is going to a lash boutique and getting a consultation. They will go over the procedure with you, and you will decide on the style you are looking for. You can go for a fuller but natural look or opt for a doll-like appearance; the choice is yours. Your therapist will advise what works best for your eye shape and select the right-sized curling rod to shape your lashes.

You may go home with a patch test to ensure you don’t react to the solution they use. Then, you come back for your appointment on the day.

Appointment Day

The entire procedure takes around one hour, so block off that time in your schedule. Before you come in for your treatment, wash off your eye makeup and perfume. You are working in close contact with the lash tech, and you want to be considerate. Also, you don’t want any moisture present, so don’t come right after a sweaty workout.

Take a close-up selfie so you can do a before and after comparison. You’ll thank me later. Arrive 10-15 minutes before your booking, and then the lash tech will take you in and start you with the cleaning of your lashes to remove oils and any other debris and ensure there is a separation between the bottom and top lashes.

A silicone pad with adhesive protects your bottom lashes, so no solution gets on them. Then another silicone pad is glued to the upper eyelid to create the curve surface for your lashes. This is called a rod, and its shape resembles a half moon.

The adhesive is brushed onto your lashes to keep them in place on the pad, and after, the first perm solution is coated on and left to set for 15-20 minutes. This softens the lashes and moulds them to the desired shape. A setting solution is then put on, which hardens the lashes and rebonds them to their original state. A nourishing lotion with protein and vitamins goes on to finish up and moisturize the lashes. Tints may also be applied to intensify the look.

After Treatment

You are all done with your treatment; now what? Take another selfie to compare your new look to your old one. You can also use this as a reference for your next appointment to match them exactly or make a change.

Your lashes should look longer and fuller with a beautiful curl that opens your eyes. Make sure to avoid moisture getting close to your lashes for at least 24 hours. You should also go eye makeup free, so they have a chance to set and not get disturbed.

After Care of Your Lashes

Your lash lift should last 4-6 weeks, depending on your lashes and how you take care of them. Here are a few after-care tips for beyond the first 24 hours:

  • Don’t use an eyelash curler, as it will only return your lashes to their natural lift.
  • Keep makeup products with oil far away, as they can counteract the curling solution and limit the life of the lift.
  • Any mascara you use shouldn’t be waterproof. Opt for water-based or mineral mascara.
  • Clean your lashes with a lash brush or cotton ball every day.
  • Condition your lashes daily with castor oil before bed, and gently wash them off in the morning.
  • Avoid rubbing your eyes as it can ruin the curl, break your lashes and even get the solution in your eyes.
  • Allow time for your lashes to rest before the next procedure. At least four weeks is best.
  • Avoid heat because this can ruin the curl. No poking your head in the oven to check your carrot cake!

While it may seem like an involved procedure with lots of rules, you get used to it, and you will dramatically improve the look of your eyelashes. Find a qualified eyelash professional, and then have fun lifting those lashes.

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