How to Change Vape Juice Flavours Easily

Are you getting bored with the flavour of your vape juice? Or perhaps you are simply curious about some of the flavours your friends are constantly talking about and wondering if you should try them.

Instead of going for a random flavour no one seems to have heard of, you should try some of the top vape juice flavours. Experiment with different vape juices until you find one that suits your taste palette.

Here is a guide on how to change vape juice flavours easily.

Change to the most popular vape juice flavours.

Vaping is supposed to be fun and to feel good. If you have been vaping the same 2 or 3 flavours of vape juice for years, but none of them seems to be that exciting to you, you should try vaping something new. Perhaps you simply haven’t found your favourite flavour yet.

If you ask some of your friends what their favourite flavour is, you will surely get various answers. You can try some of their favourites, but it doesn’t mean that your preferences will align with theirs.

But by trying some of the top vape juice flavours on the market, you know you will try great flavours that appeal to a large crowd of vapers.

Change to healthiest vape juice flavours.

Have you ever taken a puff on your vape pen to realize that you could barely even taste your vape juice? This is known as vaper’s tongue: a condition that can happen to vapers who have been vaping the same flavour of vape juice for a long time.

After a while, it feels like your taste buds get tired of this flavour and are not even able to taste it anymore.

Fortunately, the cure for the vaper’s tongue is simple. All you have to do is avoid vaping the same flavour for too long. It’s time to add a few of the top flavours of vape juice to your collection, as switching flavours frequently can also help prevent the vaper’s tongue!

Get recommendations on vape juice flavours.

Are you often hanging out with vaper friends who always talk about the popular flavours of vape juice they have been trying recently? If you have been vaping the same flavour for years, you might not have much to add to the conversation.

How about joining your friends in exploring an endless variety of flavours? You could go on a vape juice shopping spree, have fun trying some of the top flavours together, and then share your impressions.

Change to a variety pack of vape juice flavours.

Some vape juice manufacturers offer various packs with some of their most popular flavours. This is a good way to entice those new to vape, but it can also allow you to build a nice collection of vape juice flavours while making your daily vaping routine more exciting.

The best thing about variety packs is that they are often offered at a discount. The logic is simple: buy more vape juice bottles and pay a bit less.

Who doesn’t like saving some money while doing something fun?

Have fun and try exciting vape juice flavours.

Trying some of the top flavours of vape juice will surely bring a smile. Tobacco flavours remind you of cigarettes or your grandpa’s pipe tobacco, while candy flavours can instantly bring you back to your childhood. Some flavours are exciting, while others will feel familiar and comforting.

Here are a few examples of popular flavours you could try:

  • Caramel Tobacco: The nutty flavour of tobacco combined with the sweetness and smoothness of caramel. It’s easy to see why many vapers love this vape juice.
  • Tropical fruit: If you love fruity flavours, this one could become one of your favourites. Think about a sweet cocktail combining many exotic fruits that turns any day into a sunny day.
  • Menthol: Fans of menthol cigarettes like the cool sensation that comes with vaping menthol vape juice. You will love this flavour if you love mint-flavoured chewing gum or anything minty.
  • Banana and strawberry: These fruits mixed are a popular smoothie flavour, but they are also popular among vapers. The flavours of tart strawberries and creamy bananas work very well together.
  • Blue raspberry: Does this flavour remind you of candy and snacks you used to eat when you were a kid? This unique flavour has now become a very popular vape juice flavour that delights many vapers.
  • Custard: Vape juice which tastes like custard, can seem like an odd idea if you are not used to vaping dessert flavours. But once you try this wonderful blend of sweet, savoury and creamy flavours, it might become your new favourite.

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