Why the Term Length on Installment Loans Matters

If you are thinking about applying for online personal loans soon, you may have already started to explore some of the financial options available. Each of the installment loans that you may be looking at could have many different terms, such as a maximum loan amount, an interest rate, fees and more. It may be easy to skirt over the term length of installment loans. This is a factor that is seemingly less important than some of the other factors that you may be paying attention to. However, there are four good reasons why you need to pay attention to the term length on installment loans before you decide which program to apply for.

1. Your Monthly Payment

When you apply for online personal loans, you understandably want to set up a loan with a monthly loan payment that you can afford. The interest rate and loan amount are two of the three factors that are used to calculate the monthly payment. The third factor that affects the monthly loan payment is the loan term. A shorter loan term creates higher payments, and a longer loan term creates more affordable payments.

2. Your Personal Budget

The term length of the loan describes how long your budget will be affected by the monthly payment. With a shorter loan term, the impact may not be as significant. However, when you are looking at a debt that comes with a years-long commitment, you may need to analyze your budget and consider how this debt payment will affect your long-term financial plans. Consider how your budget may change in coming months or years before you take on a long-term debt.

3. The Cost of the Loan

When you think about the cost of installment loans, you may primarily think about loan fees. However, this is not the only cost to consider. Interest charges are a major cost, and the loan term directly affects this. With a longer loan term, your interest charges will be substantially higher than with a shorter loan term. If you want to keep total loan costs low, choose a shorter loan term.

4. The Interest Rate

In many cases, loan programs offer multiple term lengths for you to select. You may notice that shorter terms have a lower interest rate and longer terms have a higher interest rate in most cases. Despite the higher interest rate on a lower term, the payment may still be higher. However, the interest charges may be higher.

If you are not certain which loan terms are affordable for you, remember that there are multiple online loan calculators that you can refer to. Be sure to look at all aspects the loan before making a decision, including fees, terms, payments and more. The Northcash website is a useful source of information and resources.

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