Four Different Types of Flooring for Pig Pens

Farms have changed exponentially as technology has progressed. The care of animals in particular has become more effective and efficient in a lot of ways. One area in which things have changed exponentially is pig flooring.

Though it sounds like a simple endeavour, there are more than a few types of flooring to choose from. Here are the four main kinds of flooring that are sold by providers like Canarm and what each can bring to the table.

1. Concrete Slats

One of the most popular flooring options out there are concrete slats. The first and foremost reason is because they are highly durable. Concrete is going to last for a long time and hold up to the wear and tear that a pig pen has to offer.

Not only that, the slats can make cleanup a little easier as they can drain some waste and moisture before each cleaning. Simply spraying them down should be enough to keep them looking good, meaning they require a lot less maintenance than some other types of flooring. They can be a bit pricier, though, but think of it as an investment in the comfort of your pigs.

2. Plastic Flooring

Cost does matter and finding a flooring option that won’t break the bank is important. That is where plastic floor panels come into play. They may not have the same level of durability as concrete, but they are far more cost-effective to have installed.

Not to mention the fact that plastic is a lot easier to clean thanks to the rigid surface. All it takes is a spray of the hose and you should have those plastic panels clean in no time. For those in need of pig flooring who don’t want to break the bank, plastic is a great choice.

3. Woven Wire

Another cost-effective option, woven wire can make for a quality flooring choice for a variety of reasons. It is right around the same cost as plastic, though it lacks aesthetic appeal. Not to mention it isn’t quite as comfortable for the pigs as plastic is.

Perhaps the biggest selling point for woven wire, however, is the cleanup. The slats are quite a bit larger, that means washing away waste and letting moisture drip itself dry. Great for larger pens where cleanup can normally take hours.

4. Steel and Cast

Steel and cast is the middle ground between concrete slats and woven wire. They aren’t as hard or durable as concrete slats but they tend to hold up better over time than woven wire does. More importantly, cast and steel is slightly more comfortable for the pigs.

There is also something visually appealing about the aesthetic of the steel and cast. It gives a modern air to the entire room. It is a more costly form of flooring, but it should last for a long time to come and provide a bright, shiny aesthetic to the pig pen, especially with the easier cleanup.

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