5 Technological Advantages of Driveway Alarms

1. A Driveway Alarm (DA) Will Keep Intruders Away

In these settled times, there’s no question that crime has dropped in many areas. On the other hand, this trend is far from universal or comprehensive. Home intrusion remains tragically common in North America. If you want to avoid becoming another statistic, you have every reason to invest in a driveway alarm system. Combined with adequate signage, a DA system can give you far greater peace of mind. Even if you already have a home security system, your system isn’t complete without a DA.

2. A DA Can Keep Wildlife Under Control

Humans aren’t the only unwanted intruders that can complicate your life. With a driveway motion sensor, you can protect your property from the animals that are increasingly common in the urban and suburban landscape. Animals that can cause damage to your property include black bears, coyotes, raccoons and many other smaller animals. Besides frightening your family, each of these animals is capable of leaving behind quite a mess. If you maintain a garden, there is nothing more frustrating than seeing your handiwork destroyed by rampant, four-footed intruders. Particularly if your system includes video, you can spot intruders ahead of time and safely scare them off. You can also identify exactly which animals you are dealing with so you can execute a targeted response.

3. DA System Lights Make Guests Feel Welcome

DA systems are not only intended to keep people away from your house. Systems with motion-controlled lights allow you to make your invited guests feel more welcome. Wireless alarm systems have plenty of additional uses besides safety and security. Sometimes, the arrival of a friend will come as a pleasant surprise. Your DA system can give you extra time to respond to a guest’s arrival in a prompt, friendly manner. If you’re the type who likes to greet each guest with a hearty welcome or a cold drink, DA systems help you maintain this habit.

4. DA Systems With Video Allow You To Monitor All Entrants

It is always nice to be able to keep a close eye on delivery people. While most of these individuals act with cool professionalism, there are plenty of documented cases of delivery people misbehaving. You can also use one of these systems to keep a watchful eye on contractors, pest control people and other strangers who have legitimate access to your property.

5. DA Systems Can Aid Your Communications

If you use a drive alert system with an intercom, this opens up new realms of convenience. For example, you can use this system to communicate with family members doing yard work. This is particularly useful if your driveway is long or you have a large property. For more information, Absolute Automation Inc. is a helpful website with additional resources.

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