Buying Guide Tips for Corner Guards

There is not much to it really, when you set out to purchase new edge and corner safety guards for your home. Perhaps, the one thing that can influence your choice is the color of the corner guards you buy as you need to ensure that it matches with your furniture or any of the other surfaces of your home that you want to have baby proof. So, here are other major factors that can significantly influence the type of corner guards you buy when you step into your nearby store.

  1. Size of your corners and edges

By now, you must have known that both the edge and corner foam covers come in different dimensions. You definitely don’t want to buy something that’s either too small or too large for the surface you wish to cover. Take the measure measurements of both the length and width of the corners and edges you wish to cover and let them determine the size of corner guards you are going to purchase.

  1. Delicacy or roughness of the furniture finish

You may realize that some furniture finishes are too delicate and can easily peel off when they come into contact with some types of adhesive-based baby safety products. Or it may be too rough or hard that ordinary adhesive just won’t hold. This calls for you to do enough research on the best type of adhesive that will work with your furniture.

  1. Health safety

Most edge and corner guards are usually made of rubber or foam which can easily become chewing and biting targets for your kids. It is vital that you also ensure that the ingredients used to manufacture the baby proofing pads you are about to buy don’t pose any health risks to your kids.

  1. Portability and versatility

It would be wise to purchase portable and removable corner guards that you can use in your homes, office, business place, school, etc. The portable corner guards will save you a lot when it comes to cutting back on a lot of expenses which you would have, otherwise, used to purchase corner guards for each of these places.

  1. Destiny of foam

Different corner guards come in different densities of their foams or rubbers. And some corner guards can still inflict pain to some extent when you bump into them and may even be brittle. The softer corner guards may be able to protect you, but they are softer and can easily be chewed on by your kid.

  1. Color matching

When you begin to start considering the amount of time you have invested to ensure that you match all the colors in your home then imagine buying corner guards with totally contrasting colors. Now, that can’t be a pretty scene. It’s best that you try and look for that shade which fits with your furniture finish. You can even purchase the colorless corner guards to make the work easier.

  1. Customer reviews

With most products that people purchase, it is usually the customer reviews that act as the perfect ambassadors. What’s the other better way you can learn about the good and bad things about a new product than from other customers who have already used them?

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