9 Causes of Sudden High Blood Pressure in Your Body

Out of nowhere, you are experiencing blurred vision, unbearable chest pain, shortness of breath, and numbness in your arms, face, or legs (it could be signs of a stroke). What is happening? Your blood pressure levels are potentially going through the roof right now. But why? Well, there could be several causes of sudden high blood pressure, all of which are contributing to your discomfort.

Here are nine common causes of sudden high blood pressure:

1. Too Much Coffee

Yes, we need jolts of caffeine every day. It is the only way to survive and ensure we get through the workday. But too much caffeine can be the causes of sudden high blood pressure, leading to a lot of discomfort and perhaps a trip to the hospital if it is really through the roof. Ultimately, you need to put that fifth cup of coffee down – and not because it’s for closers!

2. A Lot of Stress and Anxiety

Despite life being better than it was a century ago, we are more stressed out and anxious than ever before. It could be the morning traffic jam, too many bills piling up, or your favourite sports team is about to miss the postseason. Whatever it is, this stress and anxiety could cause an increase in your blood pressure, which is already high.

But you can alleviate this stress with a few tips:

  • Take a deep breath.
  • Go for a walk.
  • Cut back on the caffeine (see above).

Whatever you do, don’t stress. But could worry about stressing out cause stress?

3. Specific Medications

There is no doubt that we are overly medicated. We take more prescription drugs than at any other point in human history. Indeed, many of the medications are curing us from whatever ailment is impacting our lives, but a lot of them seem unnecessary.

That said, certain medication could breed side effects that might trigger spikes in your already high blood pressure. One of the more common is the nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug. Or, it might be one specific medication. It could be a combination of factors that cause the signs of high blood pressure.

4. Too Many Cigarettes

You can spend days counting the number of ways cigarette smoking is bad for you. They should not only be referred to as cancer sticks, but also heart disease sticks, gum disease sticks, and the list goes on.

But your bad habit is likely inducing the moments where your blood pressure is bursting. Perhaps this time you might take your smoking seriously and try various methods to quit, even if it is vaping.

5. Thyroid Problems

An overactive or underactive thyroid? Either way, it might be contributing to those moments where you feel like your blood pressure is only climbing higher. Indeed, we are learning more and more about the effects your thyroid can have on the rest of your body, including your blood pressure.

6. Drug Consumption

No, we are not talking about prescription drugs, but rather recreational drugs:

  • Cocaine
  • Crack
  • Heroin
  • Opioids
  • Crack-cocaine

The list goes on, but these harmful drugs are not only producing a myriad of health consequences. They are among the causes of sudden high blood pressure that are making you feel uncomfortable or in pain. Just say no.

7. Not Enough Fruits and Vegetables

If you have high blood pressure, then chances are you have a bad diet. But you can alleviate the effects of possessing high blood pressure by consuming these foods that have been found to generate nearly instant results:

  • Berries, particularly blueberries and strawberries.
  • Watermelons.
  • Bananas.
  • Beets.
  • Leafy greens (spinach, kale, collard greens).

Or, if you are looking to diminish your high blood pressure over a longer period of time, then be sure to incorporate oats into your regular diet.

8. Not Enough Water

Let’s be honest: We don’t drink enough water. It’s all about coffee, tea, alcohol, soda pop, energy drinks, and anything that is not just plain old water. But this nectar of gods will yield a tremendous relief when you experience increases in your blood pressure.

Put simply, gulp down a couple of glasses of ice-cold water and feel the relief.

9. Not Enough Rest

Finally, and this goes back to the stress thing we were discussing, there are two powerful measures to employ: meditating and napping.

It might seem impossible, given your schedule, but if you can fit in a five- or 10-minute meditation session, or a 15-minute nap, then you can not only lower your blood pressure in the near term but also experience long-term relief.

It is not easy to experience these sudden jumps in your blood pressure, which is already considered too high for your own good. Although you should be taking your pills, you never want to overconsume them. Therefore, there are some natural remedies you can explore and determine which one works for you.

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