7 Different Ideas for Decorating Hallway Walls

Decorating a home is exciting and allows your creative juices to flow. While some rooms are easy, others can be challenging, and no other area is more difficult than a hallway.

These elongated passageways are usually an afterthought, but why can’t they be part of the main attraction? Even though they may be full of windows and doors, you can still design this narrow space with exciting elements to tie each room together. Here are some great ideas for decorating hallway walls.

Idea #1: Put Up Art

Hanging pictures and paintings on your walls is a no-brainer, but in a hallway, it slows down traffic and gives people something to pause for. This is great wall space, so utilize both sides of the hallway for your canvas.

Hang family pictures in a loving cluster and add on as new members arrive and new achievements are made. Do you follow a local artist? Support their work and put up several pieces of their work. Art is a beautiful expression of your tastes and interests so put up as much as you desire to create visual interest.

Idea #2: Use Patterns

Anyone can paint a wall to create a different look, but why not use patterns to make the walls stand out for more flair? Floral patterns are warm and inviting and lead you down a virtual garden path so pick designs and colours that reflect the great outdoors.

Geometric patterns are also nice and draw the interest of an analytical mind. You can get two bangs for your buck by utilizing colour and texture to your patterned wall.

Idea #3: Add Function

Hallways connect our house from room to room, but even they can have another use. Add functional items to your walls, giving you more room for storage or decor.

Floating shelves work well in hallways because you can take advantage of the horizontal plane. You also have the vertical, and the best part is that these walls don’t have any furniture hiding them. How about a fold-down table at the end of the hallway? This can be a workstation that easily converts to a shelf and adds both function and design.

Idea #4: Hang Some Mirrors

Mirrors have the natural ability to reflect what faces them. If you have lots of light coming down your hallway, a mirror can bounce it and illuminate dark areas. This brightens it up and makes the passageway stand out. Mirrors can also be art if you let them.

A collection of antique mirrors grouped is fun and full of fancy. Go for big and small sizes and arrange them however you like to spark conversation and admiration. And the best part about looking in a mirror? The reflection is beautiful.

Idea #5: Paint a Striking Colour

We talked about pattern vs paint, but if you go bold, your hallway walls can draw people in. Neutral colours make a narrow hallway seem bigger but for a dramatic feel, go for sharp and strong tones. Then paint the baseboards, chair rim and crown moulding in a glossy white, so the colour pops.

Idea #6: Corner Guards

When you think of corner guards, what do you picture? Some dentist offices with shiny metal corners to protect the drywall from damage. While this is the main function of a corner guard, there is more it can do.

You can get custom metal corner guards cut to whatever height and floor to ceiling. They can also be coloured and stamped with a pattern, logo or letters to decorate with words. Whether you are decorating your home or office, corner guards add an industrial aesthetic that looks good and can tie in with the rest of your decor. Talk about design and function; you also use them for ultimate in-wall protection.

Corners take the brunt of most impacts, and you can get everything from peeling wallpaper to cracked corner beads to broken drywall. Install corner guards and avoid all the damage while increasing your style.

Idea #7: Install Shiplap

When decorating hallway walls, you can cover the entire area with wood and call it a day. Shiplap comes in various sizes and dramatically changes a wall in no time. It is also very easy to install.

You can even put it on in a patterned design instead of straight down the wall. For a DIY solution, buy some MDF or similar material and cut strips to the width you like. Then use a small spacer and install them quickly. This will also save you tonnes of money.

Take on the hallway if you have worked hard decorating your home and run out of rooms. These walls are begging for attention, so tackle them using these ideas as a guide. Then when you are done, your narrow passageway transforms into amazing showcase walls.

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