7 Corner Decoration Ideas for Living Room

The living room within one’s home will often be the most used space. Here, you will unwind with friends and loved ones over a nice meal on a Sunday evening. Or, you may use this space to bond with your kids over a fun movie. Whatever the case may be, ensuring the space appears inviting is essential.

For starters, the living room should be decorated in a way that makes it look inviting. As such, various decorations will make the space reflect that sentiment. Once you begin the decorating process, ensure you hit every key area. The corners are one part that shouldn’t be overlooked; use these ideas to creatively improve the room’s corners.

Idea #1: Wall Unit

Since the living room will generally be an area that is up to one’s interpretation, decorations are crucial. However, you may share some commonalities with other homeowners regarding certain aspects. A wall unit is a big component of one’s living room, especially with the corners.

Wall units come in all shapes and sizes and can easily fit into a designated corner. Then, they can be used as a blank canvas and experimented with accordingly. Another key point to remember is to not go overboard with decorations on the unit itself. Keep it clean and simple, and you will be good to go.

Idea #2: Decorative Stand

Sometimes, wall units may come with certain drawbacks. Depending on the size of the living room, a wall unit may appear bloated, especially when placed near the corner. In this regard, you should opt for a standing unit in its place. The best part about the standing unit is that it takes up even less room than its counterpart.

These units are fairly large for the most part and can have a few shelves installed on them. You can decorate the unit as you see fit and then neatly place the unit in a corner. Take a step back, and look at how it appears. You can adjust the decorations if anything looks out of place.

Idea #3: Corner Guards

While many homeowners often go for decoration first, safety may not be prioritized. Your living room’s corners may be prone to external force, which can damage the area thoroughly. For example, since the living room is highly-trafficked, these corners can become damaged. Corner guards will be the best safeguard to take advantage of.

As the name implies, these handy little items protect the corners of a specific room. After installing them, any force put onto them can be absorbed outright. Corner guards can also come in different materials for added durability. From hardened plastic to even steel guards, you can rest assured that your living room’s corners will be shielded!

Idea #4: Lamps

The corners of one’s living room can be overlooked for various reasons. One of those reasons has to do with how visible it appears. It may not appear interesting if the corner is in a fairly dim area. The best way to counteract this is to simply add some lighting to illuminate the space.

Lighting can come in all sorts of appliances, but a standing lamp is the best one to use in this corner. Or, if you want to bring it to life, add some smart lights. These lights are controlled by an app or external remote and can be manually adjusted with a simple gesture. Thus, the corner will no longer appear dull and darkened!

Idea #5: Flora Additions

Many living rooms, especially in modern interior design, may appear artificial. While nothing is wrong with that, there could come a time when this just appears uninspiring. Take advantage of this opportunity by breathing some life into the corner of your space. Plants stand out and can make any setting come alive with their presence.

Idea #6: Wall Art

The walls that connect to meet at a corner in your living room can also be optimized. You may install some framed photographs of your loved ones, for example. Or, to bring out your character, add some wall art. These art pieces can showcase a witty message or be photos of something else entirely.

Idea #7: Decorative Ladder

Like a standing unit, a ladder can do much more than you may expect. As the name implies, it is a unit with several shelves installed inside. However, the overall image of the ladder looks more contemporary than its counterparts. Decorating the living room’s corners should not be ignored, whichever route you go!

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