6 Subtle Signs Your Wife Is Cheating At Work

Cheating is the fear that everyone in a marriage has. No one ever wants to feel like they’re being cheated on, much less actually being cheated on. However, since so many hours of our day are dedicated to our professional lives, it’s sometimes hard to spend time with our partners to reinforce the love shared. As a result, it becomes hard to not wonder if the professional relationship your wife shares with a colleague is in the process of becoming more intimate.

The implications of cheating affect both partners in a marriage. Women cheat on men as men do to women. The discovery of it happening can be heartbreaking when the truth comes to light. If you feel as if your partner is indeed committing this cardinal sin, direct accusations never work in the beginning. However, if red flags start to pile on, it may be time to seek a divorce with your wife.

If you have suspicions about your marriage, here are six signs your wife is cheating on you at work:

Sign #1: Your wife spends more time at work.

If you find that your spouse spending a lot more time at work than usual, this may be one of the signs your wife is cheating on you at work. We all have professions that require the occasional overtime or early starts. However, if this happens on a consistent basis, you may start to wonder if work is actually the source of her not being around as much.

It may further add to the misperception you are experiencing if one of her specific colleague’s name is brought up more than it should be. Direct accusations don’t help anyone, but softly bring up the long hours at work to her attention to see what may be going on.

Sign #2: It’s difficult to bond with your wife.

SWhen she’s not at work, you may find that your wife becomes withdrawn when she is at home. Activities that used to reinforce intimacy such as preparing dinner together becomes much more infrequent. Furthermore, leaving the house together for a night out at the movies or for a date night at the park doesn’t happen at all anymore.

You may also start to wonder why she does not properly engage with you any longer and seems to get excited about heading into work. If you find that your bond as a couple is quickly deteriorating, these could all be signs your wife is cheating on you at work.

Sign #3: Conversation diminishes between you and your wife.

When physical and intimate bonding starts to fail, so too does actual conversation. If you believe your wife is cheating on you, try starting a dialogue with her on what may be going on in her work life. If responses turn out to be dull with nothing of substance, it may be a cause for concern.

In addition, if she is constantly on her phone, while showing physical signs such as smiling while texting, you’ll want to bring it to her attention immediately. Not engaging in conversation with one another means that communication is faltering. This could unfortunately be a sign that she is speaking to another person on the side.

Sign #4: Your wife is not happy around you.

If communication is showing clear signs of collapse, it’s important to consider your wife’s feelings as it relates to you. Those who are unhappy with their current relationship will try to seek an alternative source of happiness elsewhere.

As such, maybe your wife has become disenchanted with the state of the marriage, so she seeks out pleasure from another place…or another man, who she may have met at work.

You should also consider signs such as her asking you to give her more space and time alone. There may be an underlying reason as to why this is the case, and it may unfortunately be the sign of your wife cheating on you at work.

Sign #5: Your wife makes excuses that don’t make sense.

Strange excuses may arise when your wife cheats at work. Deceit is often one of the signs your wife is cheating with a coworker. Once you start confronting your wife about what may be going on at work, take note of the tone and words used. Sometimes, those caught in a precarious situation will deflect by changing the conversation to something else. Or, your wife may tell you some things that genuinely don’t make sense. They may even be flat-out lies to begin with.

When someone is cheating on you, every part of their behaviour towards you changes as well. This is a clear red flag that she may be cheating on you, and you may be forced to directly ask her why she seems so much more interested in the workplace than yourself.

Sign #6: Sex is affected between you and your wife.

As it pertains to cheating and sex between your wife and yourself, it can go a number of ways. First, it can just not happen at all. You may find that your wife simply does not want to do it or that she avoids even harmless flirting. You may discover that during sex, she becomes a lot more sexual than usual.

There may also be the awkward moment of another person’s name may slip out during climax. This may even be the name of a colleague who she works with. Sex feels great, but you may start to wonder where this new energy emanates from. If you are in fact being cheated on, you might be being used just for your body, which can especially be brutal in coming to terms with.

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