Is Roof Cleaning Really Important This Spring?

Winter is quickly paving the way for summer, and that means we will be hanging out more often as a family. The ugly stains and dirt that are on the roof are hard to ignore. The Ottawa eavestrough algae and moss problem, is a widespread problem for homeowners in Ottawa. A beautiful home’s appearance can be marred by the presence of black or green algae, lichen, moss, mildew or mold. Even though some homeowners will not be bothered by, some stains it’s important to note that some stains like the moss can develop underneath the shingles hence causing them to start pulling away from the roof. The roots of the plant will also damage the surface of the roof. Failure to perform spring cleaning of the roof and the eavestrough can result in severe damage to the roof.

Below we give the main reasons why you should clean your roof this spring.

  1. Getting rid of-of the damaging moss

The primary challenge with dealing with moss is that they can grow in any place, as so long there is water supply. Damp regions tend to experience the moss problem more frequently than other areas. When you don’t deal with the moss problem soon enough, they can grow and cover the entire roof of the house. The worst scenarios arise when they start germinating underneath the shingles and end up lifting the roof membrane hence damaging the roof. The root-like structures that the moss has will also bore into the roof shingles and cause pitting. The above two roof conditions can lead the roof experiencing water damage. All these problems can be avoided by getting rid of the moss early in advance by spring cleaning your roof.

  1. Spring cleaning of your roof won’t damage the gutters or the downspouts

The downspouts and the gutters on your roof are the first line of defense that protects your roof and house from water damage. If you have issues with these two parts of your roof, then be ready to have a wet home and severe cracks in the foundation of the house brought by thawing and freezing. When cleaning your roof, you will have a chance to check and inspect the downspouts and the gutters and get rid of any moss, algae, lichen or mold, which can damage these critical parts of your roof.

  1. Getting rid of the ugly black algae

When the surface of your roof is marred by the ugly black streaks caused by algae, you will have the ugliest roof in the neighborhood. You can seek the professional services of roof cleaners to get rid of the black algae without scrubbing the roof or using harsh chemicals, which might damage the roof. Even though the black algae takes time to get rid of, starting the cleaning process early and having some patience will help in dealing with the problem efficiently. Adequate cleaning of the roof will prevent future occurrences of black algae and give your roof a brand new look.

  1. Spring cleaning doesn’t damage the roof shingles

Many homeowners fear cleaning their roofs since using the wrong cleaning agent or solution can end up destroying the roof instead of protecting it. When using a power washer the powerful streams of water can tear or lift the shingles. Harsh chemicals or cleaning solution can also damage the seals on the chimney and some shingle material. This makes your home to be vulnerable to water leaks.  Spring cleaning should only be done by a professional who will know the correct tools and equipment to us in the process, to avoid future roof damages.

  1. Roof cleaning does not damage the lawn.

During the cleaning process of the roof, the water and chemicals used will run off during the rainy season and soak into your lawn. Some harsh chemicals can kill the plants in your garden. To avoid such a scenario happening make sure the cleaning solutions used in cleaning your roof are not harmful or do not contain poisonous compounds.

  1. The available roof cleaning products are easy to use.

If you opt for the DIY spring cleaning, then be rest assured that the cleaning process would be an easy one. It is just like cleaning the floor of your home. To avoid scrubbing your roof just use a pump garden sprayer, enough tap water, and a reliable cleaning solution.


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