6 Effortless and Naturally Cute Hairstyles for Curly Hair

If you have naturally curly hair, you are familiar with many of the struggles that curly hair presents: tangles, frizziness, knots, and more. Some days all you want to do is throw your hair in a messy bun (with an emphasis on ‘messy’) and call it good. But leaving your hair tangled is never a good idea so when you next have a good chunk of time on your hands, work on untangling your hair.

Once you’ve got smooth, tangle-less (yet still curly) hair, try out one of these super cute hairstyles for curly hair. Go for it!

1. Twisted braid ‘veil’

This hairstyle is easy, elegant, and works for any type of hair – but it looks especially awesome with curly hair. Separate two sections of hair, about half a fistful each, from either side of your head near your forehead. Braid each section in turn, making the braids as tight or as loose as you desire.

Once both sections of hair are braided, twist both and then secure them to each other across the back of your head with a hair elastic or cute clip. You’ll have a half circle of twisted braids with a ‘veil’ of hair underneath that provides a call back to medieval hairstyles (without seeming old-fashioned).

2. Hair twist up-do

If you’re planning an evening out, ask your hair salon to fix you up with this cute hairstyle. You’ll be amazed with its simple, unique design! Brush your hair out thoroughly and then take small amounts of hair (how quickly you can do this hairstyle depends on how small or large each section is), twisting them around your finger, and then pinning each one into place.

The goal is not to have a bunch of tiny, bumpy balls of hair covering your head so don’t twist too tightly. This hairstyle is almost like a controlled messy bun – or, rather, many of them all at once. If done properly, your hair will be curly, twisted, and comfortable for your evening out.

3. Row of hair buns

On this list, there are many cute hairstyles for curly hair that are quick and easily achievable, especially after you have some practice with each one. This hairstyle is no exception and might just become your go-to look for nights out on the town. To begin, you’ll need to pull the hairs on each side of the top of your head together and twist it into a bun.

Pin the bun a little farther down your head (as opposed to on top of your head) and then move on to the next section of your hair and create another bun. (This hairstyle works best when you have long hair, but short or medium will work in a pinch.) Pin that bun as well. Keep working downwards until you’ve pinned all your hair into buns, stopping at just above your neck. Simple and beautiful.

4. Frizzy high ponytail

Yes, we mentioned before that frizziness is one of the problems that curly-haired people face. But sometimes you want some extra volume and letting your hair go a little crazy can actually look cute – if it’s somewhat controlled. For this hairstyle, use some styling gel or mousse to get the hair close to your scalp as smooth and sleek as possible.

Once you’ve achieved that, pull the rest of your hair up into a super high ponytail (it should almost look as though it’s ‘balancing’ on top of your head). Secure with a sparkly scrunchie or other hair fastener and then smooth down any hair on your scalp that may have been disturbed. Now your hair looks even more amazing than it did before!

5. Easy half twist

Do French twists intimidate you because you don’t think you could control the wildness of your hair long enough to make that hairstyle possible? You could always experiment with different hair products to see if the French twist is achievable for your hair. But if you don’t want to go to that trouble (or if you’ve already tried it and decided it’s not for you) there are plenty of other options – like this next hairstyle.

You’ll want to pull hair back from the sides of your head and secure with a random elastic. Then do it again, with hair from slightly lower on your head. Once you have both sections of hair secured, twist the top section around the bottom section and then secure with bobby pins. For added effect, you could also weave ribbons, pearls, or flowers through the twist.

6. Side braid with flair

This is one of my favourite cute hairstyles for curly hair. First, you’ll need to part your hair – preferably off center. Have the part be as clear and dramatic as possible so that your hair looks as bold and awesome as possible. Then, using the smaller section of parted hair, start braiding. You’ll be starting with the hair at the very front and top of your head and working down and around.

When the braid reaches the middle of the back of your head, secure it with bobby pins or a blingy hair piece – whatever your preference is. Brush out the other section of your hair and maybe even tease it out a bit for full effect.

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