5 Wooden Box Designs That Have Been Used By Celebrities

Wooden boxes are becoming popular, and this is attributed to the fact that offer good packaging. In addition to this, they can be recycled, and they are highly sustainable.  Consumers are now aware of the benefits of conserving the environment, and that is why wooden box designs are an ideal choice for packaging. Wooden boxes are versatile, durable and they offer many benefits to the products such as a visual appeal. They can also be used for storage, such as the wooden wine boxes and this diversifies their purpose. Here are some wooden box designs that have been used by celebrities before.

1. A Wedding Table Centerpiece

This arrangement implies peace and passion. That is why it is ideal for weddings and intimate events like a romantic dinner. It can be made of vibrant, deep colors that are used to emphasize on the importance of the event. Artificial items can be added onto the box to enhance the lushness of the box. Candles can also be used to heighten the sensation as well as tall glass vases that add illumination to the centerpiece.

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2. A Floral Design

The display appears to be fashioned from hollowed and squared off the wood. What happens is that the wood is whitewashed but just slightly and it has to be small and compact. The overall effect tends to be big on geometry, and the arrangement includes a square planter that is filled with flowers in a triangular form. This design suits any interior design with it is conventional or the sleek modern designs.

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3. Simple Planter Box Centerpiece

This design has a feminine touch, and it is perfect for mason jars. The mason jars will be designed to hold single cream-colored flowers. This is one of the most straightforward designs, yet it is so eye-catching, and it can suit different occasions as well as color themes.

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4. Delicate Pieces for Weddings and Baby Showers

The design has pastel colored boxes and flowers that have soft colored flowers. This creates a sophisticated appearance and a harmonious look that make the wooden design attractive, to say the least.  They can suit different occasions as well as be a masterpiece at your home. You can put the model at the center of the dining area or your bedroom bay. It can also be placed in living rooms, and it will be nothing short of exquisite.

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5. An Entry Box with Stones and Cacti

This display has a distinct zen display. It has a combination of wood, succulent and pebbles and this creates an elemental effect. It makes the surroundings feel relaxed, and this feeling can only be described as perfection in a nutshell. These design can be placed in the bedroom especially for new couples because of its warm effects.

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