5 Tips and Guidelines On How to Repair Gas Furnaces

Imagine a scenario where you wake up in the morning and find your house cold especially during the winter season. The first thing to pop in your mind is the fact that your furnace has broken. You’re wondering how expensive the repair will be and the time it will take to restore it back to full functioning. In most cases, this is not a situation to warrant all the worry. It could be something simple that you can check yourself and work on it to get the furnace up and running again. If you’re not familiar, furnaces Oshawa experts are always ready to assist. This article will offer six tips and guidelines on how you can repair your broken gas furnace.

1. The power supply

Electricity is a must for the furnace to work even when it comes to gas furnaces. Each and every furnace has a switch that has to be on. Ensure that you look carefully, find it and ensure it has been switched on. In most cases, it may be turned off accidentally by a maintenance technician or when cleaning the utility room. It could also be a child in your house who turns the switch off when playing. Before panicking, it is therefore advisable that you confirm that the switch is always on.

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2. The Thermostat

A thermostat is very important in the working of your furnace. Most of the modern thermostats normally have batteries in them. Ensure that the batteries are there and if so, replace them and turn your device back on. This could be the only issue affecting the working of your furnace and can be resolved within minutes.

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3. The Filter

Furnaces are designed in such a way that they have a safety feature to automatically turn them off when they get too hot. A furnace can become too hot as a result of a dirty filter. A dirty furnace prevents air from circulating freely and cooling the device as it should. This makes it too hot and the safety feature automatically turns it off to protect your home. You can clean the filter or just simply replace it and the furnace will be okay.

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4. Gas Leak

Gas leaks out to be dealt with immediately as they can cause havoc. If you smell any natural gas in your home, do not light any matches in the house or turn switches on or off. If the smell is too strong get out of the house leaving the door open. If not, check the gas supply valve and turn it off. If loose, tighten it and ensure it is safe.

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5. Pilot Light

In some cases, the pilot light will not stay lit. This is normally as a result of a loose of faulty thermocouple. Also, the pilot orifice could be clogged, or the safety cut off valve is faulty. You can adjust or replace the thermocouple. Also, you can clear the clogged orifice with a thin wire and the device will be up and running.

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