4 Ways to Use Party Rentals and Make Your Event a Success


Putting on a big event, whether a fundraiser or a corporate convention, can involve a lot of details and expense. Reducing man-hours used and costs can be achieved by utilizing party rentals for special occasions. Expert assistance and premium rental options make it possible to pull off a successful party or conference without going over budget.

1. Rent an Event Tent for a Beautiful Outdoor Gathering

An event tent is one of many leased products that are provided as party rentals. Leasing this type of equipment can save money on paying for a conference or banquet room. From holiday office parties in the summer to non-profit fundraising banquets, tents are designed in numerous sizes with efficiency and beautiful design in mind.

2. Perfect Lighting Creates the Ideal Atmosphere

One of the most important features of special events is having the perfect lighting. Party lighting is significantly different than standard lighting in conference rooms, event centers, and boardrooms. This type of feature fosters a festive atmosphere and creates a unique environment that is specifically designed for special events and occasions like holiday office parties.

3. Rental Chair Colors Provide a Sophisticated Appeal

Corporate events like employee parties or customer appreciation occasions take on a sophisticated and elegant theme when chair covers are used. Chair covers in linen, cotton, and premium synthetic materials dress up average seating to create a refined and stylish setting for guests. Most companies do not keep chair covers on hand because they are typically only used at rare special occasions. Being able to lease this type of product can assist any business in making its corporate event a modish success.

4. Chaffers, Dinnerware, and Center Pieces Provide Function and Aesthetic Appeal

Serving food in chaffers helps to keep entrees and side dishes at the right temperature during keynote speaker times, and during holiday games. When it is time for guests to be served the dinner, chaffing dishes will have kept the meals warmed and covered until the time of service. In addition to this convenience, party rentals also provide design items such as creative centerpieces and classic dishware. Each of these details is what transforms an average event into a gathering to remember.

When you’re planning your next special occasions, consider which types of party rentals your celebration could most benefit. Products and party planning supplies may also include bar stools, candles, vases, silverware, tablecloths, expo equipment, as well as tables and chairs. Having these items delivered through a rental service like Hart Entertainment, can save cost and man-hours, and can result in an efficient planning process for your corporate gathering.

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