4 Best Long-Range Driveway Motion Sensors

The most innovative option for security breach detection is the Long-Range Driveway motion sensors. These gadgets can either be wireless or wired. On most wired systems, there is either a wire connection between sensors, transmitters and receivers or just the former and a sensor, on the other hand, the wireless systems use waves to transmit signals.  Most importantly, the long-range motion sensors can detect movement of either people or cars approaching your driveway from distances of more than ¼ miles away-and trigger off a motion sensor driveway alert either to your software configured phone or the set of the alarm system at your home.


Four of the Best Long-Range Driveway Motion Sensors are;


  1. Chamberlain Wireless Motion Alert Security System (CWA 2000)


A full sensor kit includes extra sensors and Base receiver powered by an AC or Battery. This driveway motion sensor is weatherproof. The passive infrared sensors can detect motion 30 feet away and relay to receivers which can be even ½ miles away. Such a future makes the security system ideal for large homes, ranches, and estates. You might be getting false alarms in the beginning as the sensor triggers alarms for rodents, birds and other insignificant motions, however, gradual adjustments will streamline the sensing and limit signals to cars and people. Additionally, the sensors have a 120-degree angle, and you may adjust the sensor to your porch or backyard depending on the outlook of your home.

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  1. Rodann Electronics Driveway Alarm System


This alarm system uses the Passive Infrared (PI) technology to detect motion in your driveway and front. The receiver can receive motion alerts from distances of up to 2000 feet. You can, therefore, be able to use the sensor to monitor any movement in your business premises from your home or monitor your gate from your house in a large estate or ranch. Rodann alarm way system does not react to reflections, shadows sunlight, or colors car headlights and this eliminates the occurrences of false alarm. Most importantly, the sensor system can be expanded through additional accessories-sensors, receivers, and transmitters.


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  1. Dakota Alert DCPA-2500 Duty Cycle Probe Alert 2500′ Kit (Black/White)


This long-range driveway security system detects motion from distances of up to 50 feet which is relayed to a receiver up to ½ miles away. This alarm system uses wiring that connects the transmitter to the sensor. The transmitter then transmits an alarm trigger to a receiver which then alerts the homeowner of a visitor intrusion.  This long-range driveway security alert system is easily installed and operated and is not affected by adverse weather condition.

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  1. Guardline Wireless Driveway Alarm


It is a driveway motion sensor system. It has one sensor and receiver which can be expanded up to 16 sensors for greater area coverage. The alert system is weatherproof, and the sensitivity can be adjusted to eliminate fake alerts. The receivers can be set in a range of substantial obstacles and still have a realistic range of 500 feet. Without constraint, the array can be much higher. This long-range driveway motion sensor is ideal for homes or premises with massive walls, machinery. Computer systems or large industrial warehouses.


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