16 Best Luxury Home Features That Add Value

This year’s list of luxury home trends and features offers new technology, redone classic luxury home favourites, and various unique forms and functionality. Whether you are house hunting for a custom luxury home or are looking to renovate and upgrade an existing property, there are almost no limits to the amenities and characteristics you can give a luxury home.

If there are any features that interest you, speak with a luxury real estate agent who can help you narrow your search. Here are some of the best luxury home features that add functionality and long-term value.

Feature #1: Wine Cellar

A wine cellar appeals to luxury homeowners who invest in wine. A designated area to store collections appropriately styled to the homeowner’s taste is a gorgeous strategy for a basement or underground room.

Feature #2: High Ceilings

The grand, big rooms of luxury rooms look exquisite with high ceilings. The feel of high ceilings also adds a more spacious vibe, particularly in larger gathering spaces. Tag that with lighting fixtures, chandeliers, art, and other trendy luxury home décor, and you’ve got a classy combination of elements reinforcing your home’s aesthetic.

Feature #3: Home Gym

During the pandemic, interest in home gyms exploded! In the luxury home market, home gyms have become a must-have. Whether it’s set up in a garage or room in the house, getting in a workout at any hour of the day means you don’t have to worry about gym hours, memberships, and driving anywhere.

Feature #4: Walk-In Closet

A walk-in closet is one of the best luxury homes features a homeowner can have. They provide lots of storage space for clothes, shoes, collections, and accessories. They’re also a great presentation for various items and can be customized to meet a homeowner’s unique needs.

Feature #5: Salt Water Pools

In a saltwater pool, the water is smooth, and there’s no burning or drying out of the skin. Another advantage of a saltwater pool in a luxury home is that it requires less chlorine which means very little ‘chemical pool smell.’

Feature #6: Outdoor Kitchen

To match your pool and luxury home outdoor environment, a fully-equipped outdoor kitchen is an amazing luxury home feature you may want if you regularly entertain guests. An outdoor kitchen can include key items, such as a BBQ, refrigerator, and food prep area, all tailored to whichever aesthetic you want.

Feature #7: Floor-To-Ceiling Windows

A lot of luxury homes have sought-after, jaw-dropping views. Floor-to-ceiling windows provide access to those views while bringing in a ton of natural light. They also work in any home style, regardless of the home décor or interior design style.

Feature #8: Home Theater Center

A high-end home theatre room with movie theatre-style seating, surround sound, and a large projector screen is a major feature in many luxury homes. Screen movies, put on a concert, or watch the next big sports match.

Feature #9: Bathroom Spa Rooms

An extension of a bathroom, a spa room with unique features, such as a hot tub to soak in or a sauna, is a common luxury home request. Plan out an hour or more of relaxation without leaving your property.

Feature #10: Water Filtration System

Although a water filtration system is not immediately visible like other luxury home features are, many homeowners enjoy knowing that toxic chemicals found in tap water are being removed from what they put in the fridge.

Feature #11: Executive Home Office

An executive home office is perfect for a business owner or someone who works from home. Complete with an executive chair, a desk, ample storage, high-end window treatments and lighting, and premium shelving make this an important room for many luxury homeowners.

Feature #12: Smart Home Automation

There is so much a luxury home can do with smart home automation, from controlling appliances to window blinds, entertainment centers, lights, security features, temperature, locks, garage door access, and more.

Feature #13: Unique, Eye-Catching Gardens

More luxury homes use their outdoor spaces for creative, uniquely shaped, and expressive gardens. Add to that flourishes like gazebos, archways, seating areas, architecture, and pathways, and you’ve got a picturesque heaven right in your backyard.

Feature #14: Energy-Efficient Fireplace

A wood-burning fireplace is not cost-effective. It requires a lot of maintenance to keep up. An electric or gas fireplace provides the warmth and look you want but is far safer, easier to take care of, and eco-friendly.

Feature #15: High-End Luxury Kitchen

In a luxury home, you expect the kitchen to be something special. Many luxury kitchens use commercial-grade appliances or high-end smart appliances, have high-quality materials for countertops, and have premium kitchen accessories filling out the room. Large islands, double ovens, and warming drawers are other luxury features in a kitchen like this.

Feature #16: Electric Car Charging Station

With a shift to more eco-friendly luxury home features, it’s no wonder that electric car charging stations are becoming more popular. Even if you aren’t an electric car owner, you can future-proof your luxury home by installing a charging station inside your garage.

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