15 Best Barn Design Ideas for Style and Function

Whether you are building a barn, upgrading and renovating an old barn, or re-designing the layout of an existing barn, there are hundreds of possibilities as to what you can do. As you and your workers perform your daily tasks, you want your farm buildings and barn to be purposefully arranged and maintained. Here are some barn design ideas you can put to use to keep these facilities clean, safe, and efficient.

Idea #1: Handrailn Stairways

A handrail is a smart barn design for stairways leading up to a second level and puts safety first. Alternatively, if you use permanent ladders, ensure they are stored properly in your barn.

Idea #2: Doors & Windows

Your doors and windows add a lot to a barn. There are sliding doors, gridded windows, carriage-style overhead doors, walk doors, and more. All of these styles can be used to enhance the building design. The trim around the window and the door design can also be customized and personalized to what you want for your barn.

Idea #3: Storage and Hooks

You can put livestock, farm vehicles, and tools in a barn. For this reason, you may want to add wall hooks, shelving, and creative storage areas where equipment and tools can be kept organized.

Idea #4: Install a Barn Fan

Barn fans eliminate moisture, gasses, and dust. Something like carbon dioxide, which is odourless and colourless, can be moved out of the facility with proper ventilation. This keeps workers safe, maintains strong respiratory health in animals, and improves humidity keeping coats, insulated nasal passages dry, and livestock comfortable.

Idea #5: Adding Multiple Stories

A barn does not have to be a single story or two stories. You can have more if you like. Adding another story to your barn can expand square footage if you have excessive storage needs outside of building another barn or shed on your facility.

Idea #6: Light Enclosures & Guards

When lighting storage and work areas, and any areas that see regular use, ensure the light provides adequate illumination and that there is no risk of the bulb breaking. Enclosures and guards are for this purpose.

Idea #7: Create A Future-Proof Layout

Think about the future if you have the chance to design the layout. Build extra. It’s better to have more space than what you need rather than less. Plan for what could come, especially with a barn for livestock. If you have the chance to welcome in more animals, you’ll know you can already accommodate them based on your barn’s specs.

Idea #8: Table & Seating Area

A part of your barn could be converted into an area for seating with a table. There are no limits on what style of table or seats you can use here. If you enjoy interior design and décor, there’s another opportunity here to add some personality to even the average barn.

Idea #9: Install Living Quarters

Some farmers build living quarters on top of a barn. These rooms can be rented out, used for guests, given to family members who you want to live on the property or who are visiting, and for any number of purposes. Of course, you will need electrical, plumbing, insulation, and heating and cooling for living quarters.

Idea #10: Add A Porch

A back porch, side porch, or wraparound is another way to attract people to your barn or provide somewhere you can relax. If you must look after sick livestock for a time or just want somewhere to take a breath, watch a sunset, and relax, building a porch onto your barn is a nice exterior addition.

Idea #11: Hay Storage

Keep your hay dry and cool. If a hay’s internal temperature exceeds 55 degrees Celsius, a chemical reaction produces a flammable gas that can ignite if the temperature increases. Hay in barns can combust and cause a fire. Hay burns quickly; if that happens, any livestock in your barn can’t be helped.

Idea #12: Sink or Wash Station

You may want a sink or wash station installed in your barn for easy cleaning. This means you will need plumbing put in which will add to the cost of your barn renovation. That said, a sink or wash station can add a lot of value long-term and may be worth adding depending on how you’re using the facilities.

Idea #13: Siding & Roofing

Your siding and roofing look can be customized according to how you like. Material like metal protects your barn and comes in various aesthetics and colours. You can craft a unique look at an affordable cost for your renovation.

Idea #14: Plan for Water & Feed

You need to understand how your livestock will get water and food. Equipment like automatic waterers with the necessary heaters can be important to maintaining hydration and keeping animals healthy.

Idea #15: Differently Styled Roof

Another barn design idea you may want to explore is a differently styled roof. Providing a different slope or different shape. Raising the ceiling adds vertical space. These are all ways you can make your barn different and customize it according to your aesthetic preferences.

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