12 Epoxy Floor Design Ideas for Buildings

An epoxy floor has a durable, dazzling shine that begs a tap dance or someone to come sliding across. If you’re considering upgrading your basement, garage, or facility with an epoxy floor, there is certainly no shortage of trendy epoxy floor design ideas. You can opt for something simple, a blended look, a statement of a floor, or something unique.

Here are twelve best epoxy floor design ideas to get you started:

Idea #1: Neutral Shiny Epoxy Flooring

A neutral shiny epoxy floor is a single-colour design theme that ideally will match the wall colours and surrounding environment fairly closely. Neutral tones are always welcome in home décor and interior design due to their adaptability to different looks. This basic epoxy concrete floor is also not very expensive, a bonus if you want a fairly simple room.

Idea #2: Underwater Epoxy Flooring

An underwater epoxy floor is creative and beautiful in the right light for a blue-themed room, a children’s room, or somewhere fun. Using tones of aquamarine, turquoise, or similarly-styled blues, it’s all about blending tones and creating swirls when laying down your epoxy. The right artist can make your floor resemble the ocean.

Idea #3: Faux Marble Epoxy Flooring

Mixing two colours in a swirled faux marble epoxy floor looks amazing. What you’re going to do here is lay down a base coat of white, add drops of another paint colour of your choosing over the top, and then move the accent colour around with a paint roller. The result is intricate and beautiful, and can replicate a marble stone floor fairly closely.

Idea #4: Penny Epoxy Flooring

A penny epoxy floor is when a few thousand pennies are spread out underneath the epoxy, leaving you with a finished piece that is as much art and history as a floor. Penny floors are customizable in a big way. You don’t necessarily need to use pennies. You can lay out a wide variety of materials underneath. Knowing the possibility greatly opens the doors to unique epoxy floor design ideas.

Idea #5: Multi-Color Flake Epoxy Flooring

Often, black and white epoxy flake flooring is used inside garages and shops to add some personality to what sits underneath one’s shoes. This almost turns your flooring style into a presentation of pointillism, making it easy to cover up spills and stains while adding some depth to rooms that require it.

Idea #6: Geometric Patterns Epoxy Flooring

You can make patterns in your epoxy flooring and be as creative or abstract as possible. Simple squares or triangles are common choices and fun. Geometric shapes can grow pretty complex, requiring someone experienced to oversee the design as it requires careful measurements and painter’s tape to reinforce the look.

Idea #7: Checkerboard Epoxy Flooring

The simplest geometric shape pattern is a checkerboard epoxy floor that intermixes two colours in a checkerboard rhythm. They can be any two colours, often darker and lighter tones. A checkerboard can pop a floor if you put an epoxy floor somewhere to represent excitement.

Idea #8: Multi-Color Epoxy Flooring

All the styles we have discussed thus far have used two colours. There are no rules, though, saying you can’t blend in three, four, five, or more. A multi-colour custom epoxy floor can separate areas for an open-concept space. Use your epoxy floor to create different spaces within a greater room, strictly with the shading and mixture of colour as a guide.

Idea #9: Lined Epoxy Flooring

Sometimes, you may want to incorporate lines into your epoxy flooring to help guide individuals down a hallway, section off a warehouse-like space, or something excessively large. Lines are modern and stylish, especially when bold and dark, and can be used in different sizes, thicknesses, and lengths.

Idea #10: Floor Images Epoxy Flooring

You also have the chance to lay down logos, branding, graphics, and images underneath a portion or the entirety of your floor. The epoxy added over the top will protect the image while creating a three-dimensional effect. This is the standard for businesses that want to brand their flooring for customers or clients who want to add a sports team logo to their floors.

Idea #11: Metallic Epoxy Flooring

You can make your epoxy floor resemble sparkling metal if you want a shimmer. Silver-inspired epoxy floors are popular, but the lustre of metals can be customized in various ways. They’re perfect for everything from an art studio or upscale commercial business to a home’s garage or basement.

Idea #12: Abstract Highlights Epoxy Flooring

A skilled artist can easily add abstract or defined highlights across a base colour in one’s epoxy flooring. They can swirl colours, make shapes, create rivers, make brushstrokes, add colour droplets, and more. For a space you know will be artistic, young, and trendy, going the extra mile and coming up with something entirely different is a welcome touch.

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