10 Signs Your Spouse Is Hiding Something From You

Has your spouse been acting different lately? Have you tried talking to them about it, but they shrug it off? Instead, they accuse you of acting off? Our instincts are powerful, and it is in our best interest to listen to them. Your gut feeling is your subconscious picking up on cues around you beyond what is in your conscious mind. If you feel your spouse is hiding something, it is because they probably are.

Trusting your gut is the best thing to do if you feel like something is off with your partner. It can be easy to doubt yourself in situations like this. That is why identifying signs that your spouse is hiding something is important. If you notice any of the following signs, consider using a private investigator for cheating spouse to discover the truth.

Here are ten signs your spouse is hiding something from you:

Sign #1: Acting overly nice

Out of the blue, your spouse is becoming super affectionate and sweet? That is questionable behaviour. If you notice you’re unexpectedly receiving extra affection, compliments, and gifts, take it as a red flag! Your spouse could be engaging in overcompensating behaviours to reduce their guilt of hiding something.

Sign #2: Being negative and cold around you

Being negative and cold around you is often a sign your spouse is hiding something from you. Your spouse has become hostile and is picking fights more often. They have started to give you the cold shoulder. If your spouse is acting the extreme opposite of overly nice, that is also questionable and concerning. The attitude change could be your spouse blaming you for their wrongdoings. Your spouse might seek out your faults in order to rationalize and manage their own shame.

Sign #3: Guarding their cellphone

There is no reason your spouse should be secretive with their phone unless of course, they’re hiding something from you. If your partner starts being overly protective of their phone, there is a reason. They may suddenly password-protect their phone or change the passcode that was once shared with you. Not using the phone around you, leaving the room when someone calls, whispering when talking on the phone is all suspicious behaviour.

Sign #4: Deleted text messages and calls

If you notice while borrowing your partner’s phone that their texts, call logs, or history is empty, be cautious. Especially if your spouse normally would not delete things on their phone and randomly starts to. Deleting messages, calls, and their history is a big red flag that they’re keeping something from you.

Sign #5: Improved appearance

If your spouse is starting to care a lot more about their appearance than before, something may be up. Exercising, eating healthier, buying new clothes, and perfume could indicate a hidden affair. Particularly, if around you at home they make no effort and look the same. If your partner starts to look significantly better when leaving the house, they could be concealing something.

Sign #6: Changes in their schedule

Your partner who never works late, is now working late often. Your spouse went from never travelling for work to now going away on business trips frequently. It might be time to question what is truly going on. Spouses tend to know their partner’s schedule pretty well. Excuses upon excuses for an altered schedule or being late could signal deceit.

Sign #7: Forgetting important dates and events

A partner who is occupied with hiding something from you, suddenly may become forgetful. Failing to remember important dates such as birthdays, anniversaries, or even picking up the kids is not okay. Forgetting an event here and there is normal. However, becoming forgetful repeatedly out of the blue should set off alarm bells. Especially, if they are dates that are meaningful to your relationship.

Sign #8: Changes in your sex life

If your sex life has changed significantly, it might be for a reason. Randomly becoming experimental in the bedroom could suggest your spouse is being unfaithful. New sex talk, techniques, positions, and activities are all indicators.

If there is a drastic decrease in sexual activity it could be because they’re focused on someone else. If it’s increased, it could be their way of overcompensating and expressing their guilt. Whether for better or worse, changes in how your partner performs in bed could signify something fishy going on.

Sign #9: Unreachable at times

You’re calling your spouse, but it’s going straight to voicemail? You try to check up on them at work and they’re nowhere to be found? If it is harder to reach your spouse than before, take it as a sign. If there is no good reason for their frequent and long unavailability, they are probably hiding something.

Sign #10: Unexplained expenses

Increased cash withdrawals and no convincing reason as to why? Trust your gut as strange expenses are indeed a red flag. Unjustified and expensive purchases they’ve never brought up is not normal. Out of the blue charges at places your spouse has never mentioned visiting signals cheating.

Your spouse could also be taking cash out instead of using their card to stealthy cover their tracks. Random expenses with no good explanation as to why is a strong indicator your partner is hiding something!

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