10 Biking to Work Tips and Tricks for Electric Bicycles

Travelling to work using an electric bike is an excellent decision to make. There are several benefits like avoiding traffic, exercising, saving gas, preserving the environment and not having to deal with finding a parking spot on a crowded street.

Regardless of the many benefits, there never seems to be an excellent time to start. Why not start today? It does not need a lot of preparation or planning. All you need is an electric road bike that is in good shape along with the roadmap of how to get to work. You should also find out where you can park your electric bike at work.

Across the world, there has been a significant change in the number of people using electric bikes to work. This is because companies offer parking stations, showers for after the ride to work and much more to encourage their staff to use their electric bikes. Even if your company is not offering all these benefits, there are personal benefits for taking your electric bike.

Some of the important biking to work tips will help you beat traffic. To get you started, here are the ten best biking to work that will help you ride confidently:

1. Reliable electric bikes

The first and most crucial step is to find a suitable and dependable type of electric bike for travelling to work. You will probably need a road or city electric bike for this type of commute.

You will also need to ensure that the electric bike you use can withstand weather conditions. Invest in an electric bike that is roadworthy and requires minimum maintenance.

2. Roadmap

With electric bikes, you do not have the comfort of a GPS so you will have to research the various routes that you can take to get to work. This way, you can determine the shortest route and one that will save you time. Keep a print out with you so that you can use it during your travel.

3. Route

Always select a route with minimal traffic for your safety. It may not be the shortest route, but at least it will keep you safe. Finding roads that are not busy or has no traffic is definitely worth your time.

4. Parking Station

Learn about the parking stations that are available for you to park and securely lock your electric bike. There are different types of stations, such as a rack or fixed structure that support electric bikes and ensure they are securely locked.

Many companies encouraging electric bike commute will usually accommodate their staff by offering dedicated electric bike stations at their building facility. If not, there are safe public parking facilities to consider. Either way, you should know where exactly to park your electric bike once you get to work.

5. Road Rules

To be safe on the road, it is vital you familiarize yourself with the electric bike laws in your city as there are some critical rules to follow. The important ones are the safe passing distance for vehicles, hand signaling, helmet requirements, and yielding to pedestrians and vehicles. You must always ride in the direction of the traffic and ride on the right side of the road. In several cities, you cannot ride on sidewalks.

6. Try it first

Before you consider this a permanent mode of transportation for getting to work, try it out and see if you are comfortable. The dry run will also allow you to see how long it will take to get to work. Ride at a slow pace to see the maximum time it can take to arrive at your work location.

7. Luggage

Comfort is an important part of all biking to work tips. However, a heavy backpack can be uncomfortable while riding. Whether you are riding to work or running errands, you will need an electric bike to help you carry the essentials.

Some electric bikes offer the best gear-carrying options. They include a rear rack, front rack, and even bags that exactly fit the electric bike. Ensure to invest in a reliable electric bike which will allow you to carry the essentials you need for work.

8. Electric Bike Gear

Electric bike gear includes the helmet, electric bike locking system, luggage, quick repair tools, front and backlights, small pump and other essentials. The equipment gear is needed for you to ride your electric bike with confidence.

9. Safety

Every day make sure to check your electric bike, the tire pressure, the chain, the motor, the lights and brakes. If you notice that your electric bike is not in good shape or needs repair, then do not use it until you have everything fixed.

If your electric bike is in good shape to ride, you should then ensure your lights are working, you have a well-suited helmet, and if possible, you use a reflective jacket for visibility in the dark.

10. Clothing

Always use comfortable clothing and clothes that can be seen by other motorists. For daylight riding, use bright color clothing and clothing that will keep you cool during summers and warm during the winters. Wear suited clothing for your electric bike ride and carry a change of office clothes for work.

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